Approximately 82 % of all internet pages were constructed using PHP. PHP is a programming language used by social media giants like Facebook, Yahoo, Tumblr, Pinterest, Wikipedia and even WordPress. Basically, PHP offers the most optimal solutions for social media, e-commerce, banking, and different other types of websites.

Why PHP is so popular and a great programing language?

PHP has been on the programming market since 1994. 25 years later and the technology has developed considerably, becoming a powerful development tool. Its popularity continues to grow.

Main advantages

PHP is simple to comprehend and learn opposed to other programming languages such as Java or. Net.

PHP is a server-side programming language which means that PHP-built websites can be accessed from any machine. Processing takes place on a host server, not on the computer of an user.

PHP is the basis for the most common CMS plug-ins (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, OpenCart) and frameworks (Symfony, CodeIgniter).

Because PHP is so common, many skilled developers have the instruments to generate quick and uncluttered alternatives for your project.

PHP is free of charge and does not involve licensing fees.

PHP code integrates with all major platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix) and is user-friendly.

Improvements with PHP 7 implementation. A bag full of amazing features

Taking into account the unreliable probability of a slow Internet connection, it is a top professional priority to have servers that react instantly. The good news is that with PHP 7 any website performance is likely to grow dramatically. And with so many websites using PHP, the overall performance of the worldwide website is anticipated to rise.

High site performance – The latest PHP version is 2-3 times faster than the previous one

The recent upgrade to PHP is twice as fast as the previous famous version – PHP 5.6.

PHP 7 reduces memory usage by up to 50%, as it handles information with a more effective structure, resulting in more complex immersive features without sacrificing load time.

In our previous article you can find the major advantages of PHP7 over PHP5. The main point: PHP 7 is the future of PHP and all the applications will need to upgrade to PHP 7 sooner or later.

Cost-efficiency –PHP 7 scripts run more efficiently and reduce server demand 

PHP’s recent version guarantees to keep PHP’s powerful market position in programming languages, due to its enhanced features, while still remaining cost-effective. The new technology helps to create scripts to operate more effectively, by decreasing server demand.

Easier error handling – PHP 7 enables programmers to overcome major errors, by allowing the website to operate normally, with the help of some exception rules.

During development, experiencing major mistakes in PHP 5 caused problems for both programmers and customers, because the only alternative was to restrict the script from running and generating downtime throughout the website. This definitely created problems for users who unexpectedly lost the capacity to access a website.  Whenever this occurred, it reduced the reliability and credibility of the website.

PHP 7 solved this significant problem by incorporating a new function that enables programmers to replace errors with exception requirements, so that the website remains running normally while the issues are being solved.


The performance benefits of PHP 7 imply that this programming language will play a primary role in Web Development’s future. Many famous websites that develop platforms such as WordPress allow their users to easily upgrade to the latest version of PHP, in order to experience much better services.

Start delivering quality software on time.