2021 – The Year of Mobile Apps. Why Build One?

For a certain period, mobile has been a growing platform when it comes to e-Commerce. Actually, mobile traffic in some sectors is as high as 80%.

Mobile apps are, basically, what any sustainable, growth-oriented brand and retailer will have to perfect to connect successfully with customers in 2021, while a mobile-first strategy to website development is essential today.

Because of the concern that the cost does not reflect usage, digital leaders in the past thought seriously about mobile apps.

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Top Industries that are Ready for Automation in 2021

The pandemic has boosted the shift to automation, especially for some industries. The increasing progress in robotics, AI, and robotic process automation has put the world at the core of a new age of automation.

The need for digital transformation has been intensified by the new trend of remote work and by the lockdowns. This is why, nowadays, digitization plays a significant role.

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How to overcome the main barriers to digital transformation

Nowadays, in the ever-changing environment and economy, digital transformation has become a necessity for the organizations that want to stay alive and on top of the competition.

Yet, many companies risk internal rejection along the way with such unexpected changes across IT systems, procedures, and culture.

Some companies started this journey years ago, and in the post-pandemic world, early investment has become a strategic advantage. The competition for remote work and, also, regional economic shutdowns have roughly awakened other businesses and urged them to play high-pressure catch-up.

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5 Cloud Myths Holding your Business Back

When it comes to shifting their data to a cloud-based service, there are many misconceptions that organizations of all sizes believe in. The cloud lets companies save time and resources and, most significantly, protect their information.

Cloud-based software is important in today’s world. In 2021, in the aftermath of COVID-19, it will become even more relevant to some companies. Although it may sound daunting for some businesses to move to the cloud it is the best choice for companies of any size.

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The Main Ways Software Development Companies Drive Digital Acceleration

In recent months, the concept of digital acceleration has increased dramatically. No wonder, considering the enormous demand for software solutions generated on a global scale by the new coronavirus epidemic.

However, as most companies have moved digital transformation to the upper edge of their to-do list, many have wandered upon the painful reality of the adoption of new technologies: to do it right requires some significant expertise.

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How Covid-19 Has Accelerated The Adoption Of Automation

For several years, automation solutions have been used broadly in high-value industries such as the manufacturing industry. Production lines are now seeing robots outnumber people by combining software, AI, computer vision, and robotics, especially where processes are reproducible and require accuracy. The implementation of automation has been progressive in other industries. But this is about to change, because of Covid-19’s influence.

Here are the principal aspects in which the pandemic is accelerating the adoption of automation.

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Beyond Cryptocurrency. The Advantages of Blockchain for Other Industries

Blockchain has the ability to transform everything from voting to financial markets.

Since the release of Bitcoin in 2008, the first decentralized peer-to-peer electronic cash system, blockchain technology has developed tremendously. Today, the advantages of the technology behind Bitcoin are being experienced by innovators in different fields. Many industries are discovering interesting ways to incorporate blockchain into their services and infrastructure, from pharmacy to finance.

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GITEX Technology Week in Dubai – Here We Come!

GITEX – Gulf Information Technology Exhibition– one of the most sensational tech and networking experience is only a few days away. We are thrilled to take part in one of the biggest computer and electronics trade show events of the year, in Dubai.

GITEX is ready for its 40th anniversary after a chaotic year, with 5 exceptional days, from 6-10 December 2020.

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The Benefits of Custom Software Development for The Healthcare Industry

The world has witnessed a major change in the healthcare sector’s digital adoption. Although digitalization has been a constant process for a very long time, the pandemic has completely transformed the rate of adoption.

Recent advancements in software for the healthcare sector can help save the lives of millions by streamlining complex procedures as realized during this frightful pandemic.

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The Main Challenges Businesses Face Today – And Why

The living standards of many startups and businesses have been challenged as COVID-19 continues its disruption.

Our current state is pretty upsetting. Many business owners face significant barriers, including ensuring that the companies they have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into, manage to stay strong. On top of that, all of them have workers who strive to secure and comfort themselves while they are dealing with burnout – a massive challenge.

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