Mistakes to Avoid when Outsourcing your Software Projects

It is well-known the fact that outsourcing, as a trend, became more popular lately. This is happening because more and more companies choose to outsource their software development needs.

We can affirm with confidence that in 2020 outsourcing has completely overtaken some of the biggest industries in the world.

But even though IT outsourcing has many advantages, as we presented in one of our previous articles (Advantages and Disadvantages of IT Outsourcing), we should keep in mind that 1 in 6 IT outsourcing projects has cost overruns of 200%.

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3 Software Development Trends We Can’t Ignore in 2020

There’s a lot of excitement about next-gen software, and how it’s infiltrating globally and revolutionizing the way we’re functioning nowadays. Some of this buzz has some validity, particularly on the subject of AI technology, Blockchain, and Progressive Web Apps.

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How to Integrate a Payment Gateway Into Your Website

Payment Gateway – What is it?

A payment gateway represents a software app or service that manages credit cards and other transaction forms for e-commerce retailers and businesses in the same manner as a POS system does for a physical store.

A payment gateway’s primary mission is to handle credit card information of online customers dropping to your e-commerce store.

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Critical threats to your website

As we discussed in our previous article, API security has become a significant cause of concern for many businesses. It is very important to identify possible API attacks as early as possible, and avoid them.

Because it is a topic of great importance, let’s have a look at other most common and crucial web apps security risks, according to OWASP and the ways to avoid them.

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How To Avoid API Security Attacks

In our previous article, we showed you that APIs enable companies to grow their business more quickly than ever, and that nowadays, APIs can reduce the administrative burden significantly.

But also, these days, API security has become a significant cause of concern for many businesses. Many companies have no knowledge of potential API attacks, because they are a bit unfamiliar with the concept. The reason why they may be strongly affected by an incorrectly implemented API.

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Integrate your apps with API development

API – Definition

API is the acronym that stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is basically a software intermediary, that provides instructions to differentiate applications, in order for them to interact and communicate bilaterally.

For example, each time when you’re using an app like Facebook or check the weather on your mobile phone, you are using an API.

API development makes applications ready for integration and makes it easier for systems to break out of data silos, by providing entities with the code they need, in order to access some functionalities of the API’s source application.

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Common Mistakes to Avoid When Designing an E-commerce Website

The fundamental purpose of each e-commerce site is to sell. This entails attracting a big number of viewers, convincing them to purchase, and preserving first time shoppers as future customers.

Many businesses spend gigantic quantities of time, effort and money on digital advertising and other activities to bring traffic on their site. Competition is ferocious, as they are struggling for every client. Given these excessive stakes, losing clients as a result of web design errors is steeply-priced and painful.

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freelancing vs outsourcing

Freelancing vs Outsourcing – A Closer Look

Freelancing or outsourcing are two concepts often used to express a similar meaning. Several people use these two terms as a synonym for each other, because they don’t know exactly what they actually mean.

To succeed in business nowadays, you need to be flexible and have good planning and organizational skills. And certainly, working with a freelancer or an outsourcing team can help you to achieve success. Why is that? Because, while it can be stressful to hire new workers, recruiting a freelancer or outsourcing work will give you far less to worry about.

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The Main Benefits of Software Architecture

Many people underestimate the importance of software architecture, as well as many others simply don’t really know what it means, and what are the advantages of it.

Although software architecture appears to be very tech, and many people assume it’s not for them, it’s not true!

Don’t you want to hire the best architect when you’re going to build your house, in order to assure you’ll get a solid foundation? Software architecture is the exact same thing – it’s the software’s root.

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One Hell of a Party – Halloween at the Office

Yesterday was the spookiest night of the year and definitely one of our favorite holidays – Halloween. It’s no wonder that with all the strange and wonderful things associated with the holiday – witches, ghosts, goblins, devilishly delicious treats and so on – there’s a lot of potential for a boo-tiful party!

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