The unforeseen events of 2020 have forced many companies to shut down operations and reshape in order to succeed remotely. Many companies have had to rebuild and restructure themselves.

Employers and staff alike have struggled as a result of the abrupt shift to remote work. Few companies were adequately prepared for the technological challenges of managing a remote workforce, and their employees often lacked some of the resources they needed to stay connected and engaged.

This year, it’s time to pay huge importance to your business security, adapt your company to the changing environment and ensure that it will not only survive but also succeed in it.

The cybersecurity matter deserves much more importance. That’s why, even though we’ve talked before about what the 2021 landscape will look like in terms of security, here are some more ways to improve the security of your business. You need to make sure you have a well-developed strategy, to help you in case of potential threats that may affect your business.

Perform a security audit regularly

The first step in keeping your IT environment safe is to evaluate your company’s security risks. Checking for weaknesses in the IT systems and business processes, as well as suggesting measures to reduce the possibility of potential attacks, are both part of security assessments. Threat evaluation tools help with the detection and correction of security problems.

Multi-factor authentication should be implemented

Stolen or weak credentials are the primary cause of 81% of data breaches.

Beyond just a password, multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of protection to the login process. Two-factor authentication is the most popular form of MFA.

Insider threats must be identified and addressed.

Internal actors are involved in many breaches. Insider risks include not only malicious attacks but also employees’ careless handling of systems and data.

To defend against these risks, businesses must be able to identify, investigate, and react to issues that may be signs of insider attacks rapidly and accurately. Insider risks require the use of advanced equipment. Antivirus and anti-malware software will normally fail to protect you from these attacks, so you’ll need more advanced solutions.

Backup all your systems

The majority of cyber-attacks take the form of malware that is installed on your systems in some way, and you can drastically lower the risk of such attacks by simply installing and updating the right software. The latter is especially relevant because new viruses are created and sold on the internet every day, and if your antivirus program is not regularly updated, it can miss a piece of malware.

It’s also crucial to back up sensitive data regularly and use solid passwords for all of your devices.

A single computer used by an employee using a weak password or failing to use multi-factor authentication on computers and accounts may often be all it takes for an intruder to gain access. Even if your company isn’t big enough to have a full-fledged IT department, you can manage your employees to make sure they’re doing whatever they can to keep your systems secure.

Internet security training

While the general image of hackers is that they stand in front of some monitors with long lines of green code running down their screens, using malicious activity to gain access to a target network, this is not always the case.

Many cybersecurity attacks nowadays take the form of social engineering, in which hackers use cleverly designed emails and phone calls to trick your employees into giving them access to the hackers, either through downloading malware or giving up passwords on hacker-controlled websites.

Business owners must be aware of social engineering strategies and educate their entire workforce on how to spot and fight them.

In a world where the internet connects everything, cybersecurity has never been more important.

Although providing IT services and up-to-date software and hardware is crucial, it’s also important to remember that today’s hackers use social engineering to target human actions.

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