Cloud Security – Threats to Avoid

Cybercriminals are digging endlessly for their next payload. A business that either has a fragile or non-existent cloud protection framework is one of the main targets for any hacker.

The Covid-19 pandemic is having a significant impact on the economy, our social lives, and the ways in which we operate. With many workers out there now being required to work from home, the situation has centered attention on cloud security and the stability of its infrastructure to stand up to cloud security attacks.

There is nothing new about the cybersecurity deep flaws in cloud storage. When the pandemic struck, many companies were in the process of upgrading their cloud protection, but have now been pushed to accelerate their strategies.

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Essential Things to Consider Before Developing a Mobile App

As a startup or business owner, you’ve probably thought of a mobile app back in the day. In order to make processes smooth, the modern digital revolution requires a mobile application. Attempting to evade this huge trend can very quickly put you out of business.

Nevertheless, mobile app development is not as simple as you would expect it to be. For one, you may have difficulties developing the software. And users can fail to comprehend it until it is finished. However, you can easily build a great app by following the correct path.

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Debunking the Most Widespread Myths Related to Remote Work

In this pandemic scenario of COVID-19, remote work is the new reality during these challenging times.

There are many businesses, large, medium-sized, and small, choosing to use a reliable, professional, and successful outsourcing software development company’s remote services. These businesses’ managers try to look for top custom software development companies and outsource various requirements such as custom software development, application development, design and implementation of mobile applications, web design and development, development of outsourced software products, and recent emerging technologies, such as AI or IoT, and so on.

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How Machine Learning can Help You Grow Your Business

At this moment, Machine Learning is extremely popular. There are many companies that are hiring professionals to build machine learning systems. Also, universities offer machine learning classes, programs, governments and militaries are creating different strategies in order to use this technology to gain tactical advantages, and so on.

As can be seen, Machine Learning can have a huge impact on every industry and, therefore, can change the way we do business. It is already being used to drive cars, identify faces, trade stocks, and develop life-saving medicines.

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A Look Into the Future – IT Trends and Predictions for 2021

Another year is coming to end and analysts are back to anticipating new trends in technology and business. Nowadays, software development has become an important part of business and developers have become an advantage for companies to help innovate, change, and expand businesses. Anything from problem-solving to strategic decision-making relies on developers’ abilities and experience.

Here are some of the revolutionary trends that have shaken up 2020 so far and will continue to do so heading into 2021 and beyond.

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Signs your business needs custom software

With a great number of off-the-shelf software solutions available out there, custom software might seem unnecessary, but there are many cases in which it can boost performance and efficiency. Besides, every company has a unique set of needs, some of which may not be met by using standardized, off-the-shelf solutions.

It is said that behind every successful business stands a powerful software.

Let’s have a look at the most important signs that point to the need for custom software development.

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How VR Technology is Improving the Education Sector

Virtual reality (VR) has the ability, as we understand it, to improve and even fundamentally change education.

Particularly, it entertains students more than any other feasible method in their learning. In the classroom, it removes both visual and auditory disruptions and has the potential to connect students closely with the topic they are studying in a way that has never been possible before.

It is no secret that schools are trying to build environments rich in technology, but these must be systematic, with an emphasis on learning and curriculum. Simply equipping schools with computers and laptops may not be enough, but the introduction of VR technology can have an extraordinary impact.

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How SaaS is Reshaping The Way We do Business

SaaS, commonly known as Software as a Service, is a popular business model in which businesses host and license their software on a subscription basis from a cloud-based server. Even though it dates back to the 1960s, now it has reached its peak.

Sixty years ago, very few organizations could afford to purchase computers and servers and manage them. They would, therefore, link their monitors to a central database where they could subscribe to the services they wanted to. All users now have to do is connect to the internet, open their web browser, and then enter the URL of the software application.

Nowadays, SaaS continues to help companies and individuals work more efficiently and by 2022 the SaaS market is expected to hit $164.29 billion, according to Transparency Market Research.

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The Increasing Importance of eCommerce and Top Reasons why you Should Build your Own Website

The world’s ongoing health situation has changed the habits of customers, businesses, and governments tremendously. Almost all purchases were carried out via the Internet due to quarantine, enabling for an unexpected Golden Age of eCommerce.

Businesses that used to face their clients had to adjust quickly to the laws of social distancing and be accessible online. The rise in eCommerce websites was enormous at the very beginning of the world-wide lockdowns, so were sales via online commerce.

If you are wondering if you need an eCommerce website, here are some reasons that will help you figure out which is the best option.

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How Will Industry 4.0 Look After Covid-19?

One of COVID-19’s hardest-hit markets is the manufacturing market. The impact of the pandemic on the global manufacturing industry was huge, especially because the manufacturing industry is one of those sectors that relies mainly on manpower for the operations.

A level of instability that has never been seen before is happening in the global supply chain. Some factories have completely stopped production, many have seen a significant reduction in demand, and others have seen a significant increase in demand. Every manufacturer is affected in some way by this crisis and this presents an existential challenge to many.

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