Software developers usually have a degree in Computer science. But this is not enough!

In order to stay relevant in today’s changing market, the vast majority of software developers should expand and acquire new skills. 

What are the skills a software developer should have in order to become successful?” – this is one of the questions we get a lot.

Based on our own experience, we’ve come up with a list of key developer skills!

Technical skills

It is clear that you can’t expect exceptional results from people who don’t have the right skills for the job.

A good developer should know how to build something from scratch and integrate changes into existing software. This requires strong coding skills. 

It is important to be familiar with many programming languages and operating systems. Also, be ready to learn skills like: code structuring, database knowledge, algorithms and data structures, amongst others.

Very important is to know how to test and debug your own code!

The technical skills represent the most important element of the puzzle and when accompanied by other developer strengths it can do wonders!

Logical thinking and problem-solving skills

In programming, even the insignificant error can lead to some problems.

If you are not able to solve those problems, you might not succeed at developing software.

Being a software developer requires structured thinking. Also, if you want to come up with the best solutions, you need to think outside the box!

Communication skills

It’s well-known that communication is key both at work and personal life.

As a software developer, you need to be able to speak up in meetings, whether they are with colleagues or with a customer.

Speak clearly with conviction even if you’re sometimes unsure of yourself.

Also, listen to what others have to say! Never interrupt the person speaking! Let them express their thoughts, then you can intervene.


It’s important to be capable to empathize with your team, because it will allow you to fully understand the problems they are facing and, maybe, find a solution to make the project work for everyone.

It’s very helpful to suggest new ideas when there is an understanding between team members. No matter what, there should not be any negative feedback which might disturb you, or mockery.

As a software developer, it’s also essential to empathize with the user, because you will be able to see things from his point of view. This way, you can deliver a high-quality product and satisfy the customers.

Patience and attention to details

These are the skills coders need to be successful developers.

Over time you will be forced to deal with not only coding issues, but also the opinions of other people, such as coworkers or customers – and that can try anyone’s patience.

Just try to be cool-headed, patient and understanding!


Don’t believe in the expression “curiosity killed the cat”. This does not apply to the development world.

Instead, curiosity represents a strong fuel for new inventions and self-development.

Experiments are a great way to help you discover new solutions and gather valuable experience while testing your assumptions.

Love of learning

As someone said: “genuine commitment to continuous learning” represents a key developer skill, amongst many others. You have to love the fundamental practice of going from not knowing to know, every single day, otherwise you won’t be good at it.


Now tell us: what skills help you the most as a software developer? Do you think there are more abilities needed to be great in the field? Share them with us

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