GITEX – Gulf Information Technology Exhibition– one of the most sensational tech and networking experience is only a few days away. We are thrilled to take part in one of the biggest computer and electronics trade show events of the year, in Dubai.

GITEX is ready for its 40th anniversary after a chaotic year, with 5 exceptional days, from 6-10 December 2020.

The five-day event will open its doors to:

  • 1,200+ innovative tech firms, start-ups, and government agencies from 60+ nations
  • 200+ of the most involved shareholders from 30+ countries and VCs
  • 350+ speakers from 30 countries live on stage, providing excellent information for 280+ hour

Global Tech Giants & Big Guests

Global tech giants such as Huawei, Lenovo, Nokia, Honeywell, Microsoft, Dell, and many more have confirmed their presence at the event, where they will address topics of great interest such as approaches for developing and accelerating machine learning and artificial intelligence across a variety of sectors, revolutionary pre and post-pandemic technologies and specific solutions to help enterprises grow their businesses, and many other mind-blowing topics.

Some of the guests include Pablos Holman, a futuristic hacker, inventor, and technologist with a rare ability to distill complicated technology into simple tools. He was part of the startup team at Blue Origin, the aerospace company founded by Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder), and also contributed to visions for the future of urban transport, entertainment, education, energy, manufacturing, health care, food delivery, sensor networks, payment systems, and cloud computing.

Also, Nolan Bushnell – a technology pioneer, entrepreneur, and engineer will share his incredible perspectives. Often cited as the father of the video games industry, he is best known as the founder of Atari Corporation and Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theater.

A Safe Event

Because Dubai was elected to be the safest country to hold a show in the world, the event will be conducted at all times with stringent rules of preventive measures for health & safety, including temperature screening, social distance, contactless transactions & hygiene precautions.

This being said, we are ready for the most exciting journey, where we will be able to discover the latest & coolest tech from around the world.

GITEX 2020 – Here we come!

*an event powered by ARIES

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