What is medical manufacturing?

New technologies and materials, as well as socio-economic and geopolitical trends, are forcing every industry to adapt. Medical manufacturing is included, too. This sector is ready for substantial growth this year and beyond, with medical device manufacturing alone expected to grow 5.6% each year until 2023. 

In the past few years, the medical device manufacturing industry faced a significant focus on design and simplicity, driven by software and technologies. Innovation led to a power shift from the pharmaceutical sector top of the medical device industry. Today, there is still fierce competition for technological, intuitive devices, with greater time to market than ever before. 

Hospitals, health facilities, and other markets are putting pressure on medical device manufacturers to be more effective, inventive, and secure. This should be seen by manufacturers as a chance to advance their processes while staying ahead of their competitors.

How can custom software for medical device manufacturing help?

To get the control, flexibility, and scalability you need to succeed in an ever-changing market such as medical manufacturing you will need to optimize all of your procedures and manage your entire business with a highly integrated, end-to-end solution, from raw materials to finished goods, and from sales to accounting and finance.

Implementing custom software represents one of the best solutions. Will allow you to quickly respond to advances in technology, improvements in materials, and changes in market demand.

Custom software can:

  • help you manage multiple and complex product designs with comprehensive multi-level BOM’s (bill of material).
  • easily handle dramatic and frequent BOM changes and transfer them immediately to work order
  • conform to the regulatory and industry quality assurance requirements
  • help you to trace parts, components, and completed products. Will quickly identify, quarantine and retrieve potentially defective products from customers -> full traceability system
  • link advanced planning procedures directly to manufacturing execution
  • run quality tests at any point in the production
  • digitally transform your business so that you can incorporate business partners across your supply chain or to other systems, on-premise, or in cloud.
  • leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to get better insights, unknown trends, and anomalies in your business to the top of the list.

Shortly, custom software can help you ensure regulatory and industry compliance with complete traceability of products and components. Will maintain the entire product history from development to production, to finalization and delivery.

Top benefits of custom software for medical device manufacturing

A powerful custom software, tailored to meet the specific and complex needs of your business can help you sustain your competitive advantage in one of the world’s most competitive industries, where success will rely on time-to-market and traceability.

Improve fulfillment

Great software should help connect data from multiple sources and enable increased visibility into manufacturing processes, inventory, supply chain, and external market demand all in one system. Besides, good software should integrate custom dashboards reporting, to have access to real-time data and advanced analytic solutions.

Having this information available, medical device manufacturing companies are effectively prepared to deliver on-time performance and meet customers’ expectations with improved order fulfillment.

Streamline processes

Luckily, custom software can streamline manufacturing processes. You just need to have incorporated into the software some automation processes in areas of billing, costing, requirements, production, supplier relationships, vendor performance, and many others. These features lead to immediate efficiency improvements and streamlined processes.

Also, data visualization functionality represents another element of process optimization. The data appears in graphical ways. This allows for simpler analysis and more accurate and efficient decision-making.

Remain compliant

Having a great custom software can help you simplify the process of remaining compliant to government regulations, by setting up various measures throughout the manufacturing lifecycle, from purchasing to sales and distribution within rigid, constant changing and unexpected local and global regulations, to help you stay on top of compliance changes.

Improved quality control

Increased automation of data gathering and processes, significantly improves full product traceability, which can facilitate a fast response to any issue that arises. A fast response can be key to reducing the amount of product lost, resulting in improved quality.

Cost reduction

Incorporating custom software that suits the needs of your company can both reduce production costs by optimizing processes and increased revenue by avoiding things like recalls, complaints, or poor satisfaction from the customers.

Also, custom software can eliminate the need for a paper trail, leading to significant reductions in paperwork costs.

Enhanced productivity

Custom software can use IoT gateways to capture and process the data across a company’s locations or departments. This is a powerful way to mitigate the risks, enhance the productivity and value or your medical device manufacturing business.


The medical device industry is driven by innovation.

Remaining competitive in today’s fast-changing, increasingly crowded medical device manufacturing industry, companies need an advantage. That advantage can be to have a powerful, custom software solution implemented, which can translate immediately into that competitive differentiator.

There are many advantages that custom software can bring for a medical device manufacturing company, including instantly testable compliance, better tracking and containment, quicker responsiveness, the capacity to spot and quickly share best practices, and a plethora of data that quality, design and industrial engineers can analyze for continuous process improvement.

You just need to work with a great development team that will help you develop powerful software to meet your organization’s specific needs. Send us an email and let our custom software development team make your business more efficient.

Start delivering quality software on time.