Education has always been important to personal and professional development, but the quick pace of modern life often does not allow us to attend classes in a physical way. Nevertheless, thanks to online education, people can now learn just about anything at any time.

Why mobile learning?

The education market has become not only a platform for new technological innovations but also an important niche for business.

For instance, in the past, people would need expensive books when they tried to learn a foreign language, and usually a native speaker to teach them. Nowadays, you can simply select from a range of specific mobile apps.

There will always be people who choose to study in the classroom, but online learning platforms and mobile apps allow educators to reach a much boarder audience.

According to a report made in May 2020 by AppBrain, educational mobile apps became one of the most popular categories on Google Play. Now, particularly in the light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the development of educational mobile apps seems more important than ever.

Creating a mobile application for education implies not only the knowledge of the industry but also the knowledge of psychology and people’s assumptions about education.

Let’s see the most important benefits of a mobile application for education


A mobile application enables students to be versatile in educating themselves. While education apps typically have some kind of timetable, learners still have the freedom to choose the time of the day when it is most feasible for them to continue with the study. The learning thereby is more structured and consistent.

Great performance, thanks to progressive, gradual learning.

Low entry threshold

Almost everyone can embrace successful learning; less significance is attached to the learners’ age, place, financial status, and even some disabilities. This can also mean larger audiences for teachers and entrepreneurs.

Accessibility & Affordability

Typically, the cost of a mobile learning application is significantly lower than the cost of attending offline classes.


Most learning applications help interaction not only between students and teachers but between students as well. This way, users can communicate with friends from all over the world regarding important topics.

Users view learning via mobile educational apps as an element on their hobby list rather than a must-do

It functions for everyone: adults can substitute re-watching their favorite movies with learning, while children and teens will prefer stimulating applications to read a novel.

A sudden realization of achievement which generates more motivation.

If a mobile application has tracking, level-up, and scoring system functionality, it’s easier for learners to experience a feeling of success. Users understand what they’ve done previously, how well they’ve performed, and what to do next time to beat the performance of their neighbor.

The benefits of mobile educational apps for entrepreneurs

  • Continuing to improve knowledge of the employees and thus qualifications. It can function for any learner and helps any business to expand.
  • Popularizing knowledge in a new and imaginative way. Books were initially a way of trying to broaden people’s minds everywhere. Now it’s time for some high-tech solutions to extend the concept.
  • Publishers can charge for downloads or subscriptions, or integrate in-app purchases for generating substantial revenue.

Main mobile technology trends that will shape the education sector

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has gradually been a part of our lives. AI has a huge impact on the niche markets for both education and the development of mobile apps. AI is going to lessen the classroom instructions but will be improving it in many ways. Apart from facilities like virtual classrooms, AI also provides peer interactions for students who are miles away.


Chatbots are another top trend in mobile technology that will improve online education. Chatbots not only deliver a customized educational environment, but they also turn lectures into chat conversations.

Virtual and augmented reality

Virtual reality pushed the learning experience outside the learning space. If we think about med schools, VR has already made it simple for them. It helps students to watch live surgical broadcasts. By offering real-world experiences, VR provides something unique, which students would not get until late in their preparation.


Gamification has the power to make learning enjoyable, thereby leading to greater interaction with the students. To improve students’ level of concentration, adding gamification is vital. Therefore, we can assume that online learning will be given a new edge through the gamification boom.


Easy access to education is becoming extremely important in a world that changes very fast. Knowledge is really boundless and one can never study too much. This helps to make education mobile apps a valuable and competitive player on the app playing field.

Nowadays, a smart education app should be beneficial for the student, but also provide better insight to the parents and teachers.

If you are attempting to teach kids with advanced and better ways, using a mobile education app can greatly work for you. You can achieve many objectives with a single app like enhanced problem-solving techniques, improved interaction, and better coordination.

Before developing a mobile learning application, make sure you choose the best development team for your needs. The team should be really involved in the project and should create solutions that empower everyone to learn from everywhere in the world.

Keep in mind that custom mobile learning application represents the best choice, because you can add a multitude of functionalities depending on your wishes and those of the users

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