Best affiliate software for today’s modern marketer

Affiliate marketing has become an increasingly popular strategy for companies to generate and convert leads, with over 90% of marketers and publishers claiming affiliate marketing services are essential to their operations. If you find yourself in this situation, you will need a solid affiliate marketing software at your disposal to handle effectively this sort of strategy.

According to a National Retail Federation report, 81% of companies use affiliate marketing as part of today’s product sales strategies. Frequently, they exploit this in order to increase the awareness of their target market (83%) and to drive conversions (79%).

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Whether you are looking for tools to help you develop an affiliate network, maximize the awareness of your brand or track your campaign, there are many applications out there that will meet your needs. But in order to match your specific needs and workflow, best performance marketing solutions should be highly customizable, that’s why we recommend you to opt for a customized affiliate marketing software.

Most important features of an affiliate software program for a successful business.

Basically, affiliate managers use the software to monitor individual affiliate sales statistics and commissions, oversee the automatic generation of invoices, and track the affiliate programs in operation.

Below are a few features that you should look out for when choosing an affiliate software:

An affiliate software program should:

  • be easy to set up. It should have everything built-in and incorporated into the software, and no HTML knowledge required to start.
  • be customizable. A customizable interface that lets you monitor all types of offline and online advertising through pixels, server posts, cookies, CPA, CC, mobile traffic, and Pay-per-call.
  • be compatible with mobile devices, so that affiliates can easily verify their control panel and commission reports and use the mobile app to take care of all aspects of their affiliate program.
  • be securely hosted. Hosting the system on the software maker’s server removes the need for backup, software updates and improvements, as well as security task management.
  • provide several marketing levels in which affiliates attract other new affiliates to create additional retailer profit (multi-tier marketing).
  • allow the development of various banner ads, flash banners (multiple creatives).
  • provide SEO-friendly links to affiliates that will help them increase their profits. The program should enable affiliates to easily create links to make them visible in search engine rankings.
  • have an open-source code feature, in case you will need to have extra features installed and integration with third-party applications and software.
  • have access to timely resources for business growth. Resources can be in the form of videos and articles provided by marketing and affiliate managers as well as podcasts, premium affiliate e-books, an affiliate manager resource center, and scheduled webinars and online events

To conclude

Affiliate marketing has become a great way to earn some extra income or even promote your products and services.

Nevertheless, the best way to do this is by using the right software that will manage, promote, and track your affiliate program efficiently and timely. Maintaining best practices is also important.

A successful affiliate marketing program takes time to build, but it can significantly boost your internet sales with just a little effort. It’s worth the time and effort, and it can become one of the best financial investments in your marketing plan.

Whether you decide to stay in-house or outsource, in order to make your business more successful it is critical to choose the best team that will develop a customized affiliate software program for you! Choose a software development team you can rely on, an effective team you’re confident about, one that you can look at and say, “We’re going to change the world!”

Start delivering quality software on time.