The Covid19 pandemic has taken over the world and has affected many aspects of the business world. Many businesses have gone digital and remote working in this moment of crisis has become essential to business sustainability.

Even though digitization is very important for schools and universities, during this difficult period, opting for online eLearning courses is a great option for many businesses, to maintain everyone engaged and motivated.

eLearning is one of the greatest innovations of the 21st Century and has become one of the most important forms of higher education, particularly for working professionals.

The eLearning market is now more than 21 years old, and yet there are no signs of it losing its popularity in the corporate training sector. As developing eLearning in-house is expensive, most organizations consider outsourcing as a viable option.

Outsourcing eLearning development to a partner who is qualified, trustworthy, and who can help you reduce costs without compromising on quality can be an effective method for many businesses. Having such a training provider will help you lower your financial risk, take good care of all your learning needs, and allow you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Outsourcing may be a good strategy for coping with this pandemic, and beyond. However, it is important to look for an outsourcing partner who has all the good skills required to come up with good eLearning strategies.

Key points you should look for when choosing an eLearning outsourcing partner

Vision similarity

It’s important to have a trusted partner who has the same or almost the same vision as you. That way, they will be involved more in your company’s growth and can help you reach your goals. It is critical that the outsourcing partner profoundly understands and plans ahead of your business accordingly.


To make sure you will choose right, you should check the outsourcing partner for its experience of working on similar eLearning projects. Do not forget to ask for demos and sample work.

Know the team

You should try to get to know the team that is going to work on your projects. Try to have periodically calls where you can discuss the project.

A good connection with employees

There is no doubt that the way a business handles and interacts with its employees says a lot about its standards. This is crucial because it has a positive impact on workers who are aware that their company stands by them. This means that they are effective in what they’re doing which eventually leads to more performance and profitability.

Understand the working process

Choose a partner who has streamlined development processes, communication workflows, and strong project management. It should have enough space for discussions, reviews, and revisions, happening at different stages of the development process. Its working style and the process will give you a good understanding of the timelines, along with avoiding unnecessary delays and rework.


These days, agility represents one of the most valuable factors for any business that wants to succeed in this evolving corporate world. Having an outsourcing partner who is versatile enough to respond to the specific needs of your business, can help you achieve the goals even in times of crisis. The ability to incorporate emerging technologies and practical solutions is all it takes to satisfy the clients.


Being transparent is a crucial step in shaping productive partnerships. It is necessary to give the outsourcing partner a full and clear view of the different activities.

The outsourcing partner should believe in continuous and transparent contact so that risks can be mitigated well in advance.

Quality eLearning assurance

Quality is what separates a good outsourcing partner from the rest.

While it may be a painstaking process, it is essential to invest time in testing, discovering bugs, and then returning the finished product for repair.

For example, it is a good thing that the partner has a dedicated quality assurance team that guarantees the quality standards are reviewed for every viable product that goes right out the window and guarantees that there are no rooms for any problems.

To conclude

The benefits of outsourcing eLearning development are multiple: creating and producing courses much quicker than the existing staff; reducing production costs and achieving a higher ROI; having access to specialist learning design experts, and so on. A successful outsourcing partner is a secret to exploiting such outsourcing benefits.

eLearning outsourcing is a perfect way for businesses to cut costs and make the most of their training budgets; but if businesses fail to find a successful, competent partner, a lot of potentials can come to an end. Therefore, to ensure efficient outsourcing of eLearning, businesses must carefully determine their requirements for selecting outsourcing vendors.

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