When a company is considering strengthening its competitive position on the marketplace, they usually think of doing something internal to reshape their position — like perfecting a new technology, working to develop an emerging technology, or even adopting a new business strategy.

Such common methods are reasonable but not the only alternative to improve competitiveness. IT outsourcing is increasingly being used by organizations to adjust the competitive landscape, realign their businesses, or change the way they do business.

As part of strategic management, outsourcing is becoming more and more successful in the field of business, being a way to diminish costs and to create competitive advantage and improve organizations’ performance. Nowadays, many companies plan to externalize as much as possible in order to get business performance.

Outsourcing operates to reduce costs, grow revenue, and increase efficiency.

Top reasons why companies choose outsourcing

First of all, the number of capabilities that external product development contractors possess has increased. Usually, suppliers focus on mastering and developing upon a core set of skills and they’ve grown up to tackle the biggest challenges within their market and continue to deliver a wider variety of services.

Second, technological advancements and other innovations make it more beneficial for businesses to outsource because of the challenge of actually keeping up with the latest developments.

Third, even though businesses can keep up with innovations, making the investments needed to be at the cutting edge of numerous developments isn’t cost-effective. Also, speed has become a key competitive advantage for several businesses, so it’s very important to be fast when it comes to implementing new technologies, to guarantee your market top position.

Exploring outsourcing as a competitive advantage

There are many benefits you can get from outsourcing to gain competitive advantages.

  • One of the major benefits is that outsourcing provides businesses a way to fight market competition by having a partner with the experience and ability to bring new products to market quickly.
  • Also, experienced partners will definitely provide the opportunity for businesses to quickly reach new markets and implement them.
  • Minimizing costs in unnecessary functions gives companies the ability to operate with lowered financial pressures and, as a result, the capacity to respond opportunistically in emerging markets.
  • Last but not least, IT outsourcing helps businesses to rely on core competencies and develop certain skills that directly add value to clients.

How to get started with an outsourcing strategy

  • Find your core competencies as a company
  • Define your roadmap and milestones
  • Define what activities can be outsourced to produce faster, better and higher quality results
  • Set procedures and expectations
  • Find your professionals!

To sum up

The benefits of outsourcing are infinite. If companies did not have this possibility they would be forced to do everything on their own, having very little time available for what matters most: developing those specific skills that are the basis for competitive advantage.

Outsourcing as a competitive strategy is very attractive and has some significant benefits, but it takes some planning and meticulous execution to bring it to life.

Keep in mind that there is not a one-size fit all strategy, it takes some real company self-analysis to find out what is the most efficient and powerful way to implement it in your company. It is very important to know how to avoid some mistakes when you outsource your software projects. You can find out how to make the best decision from our article: Mistakes to Avoid when Outsourcing your Software Projects.

Outsourcing can help any business innovate and ultimately change the business status quo because both the contractor and the recipient are focused on exactly what they do best.

Outsourcing is changing the way we do business. It is an effective way of enhancing business strategy, realizing better utilization of resources, and generating ever-greater corporate value.

Start delivering quality software on time.