Yesterday was the spookiest night of the year and definitely one of our favorite holidays – Halloween. It’s no wonder that with all the strange and wonderful things associated with the holiday – witches, ghosts, goblins, devilishly delicious treats and so on – there’s a lot of potential for a boo-tiful party!

And we take advantage of every moment to throw a party to remember! Besides, social events are great for people to get to know each other better, in an informal setting. Who wouldn’t feel more relaxed to have a conversation while dressed as Ghostface or Freddy Krueger?

Generally speaking, taking a break from everyday stress is a great idea. From time to time, we all experience some minor conflicts with our colleagues. But when we get to know each other better and have fun together, these problems can be easier to avoid.

Pizza, fun and masks! It’s no wonder we’re taking Halloween very seriously!

By adding the perfect touch of macabre, we transformed our office into a haunted place, with some insanely scary decorations. We created a moody ambiance with major creepy vibes by adding a bunch of spine-chilling spider webs hanging from the ceiling, scary skeletons climbing up the walls, ghosts and pumpkins.

Treats are a staple at every party! So, we got our little horrors to magic up something delicious to satisfy our ghoulish appetites. The feast of the night? Pizza! And what goes well with pizza? A cold beer, of course!

And because party games are great to bring some energizing seasonal fun at the office and boo-st our productivity, we couldn’t miss the opportunity!

We also got into the trick part of the holiday with some pretty amazing Halloween costumes.

At WebChain, we love work parties, we love costumes, and we love Halloween!

Time flies when we’re having fun and the last night was no exception!

We hope you also had a spooktacular time!

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