Some time ago, open source development was quite unstructured. But over time, this process has flourished and started to become more popular, as more businesses discovered the considerable advantages of it.

Slowly, a lot of companies began to offer open source development services and started to master the process so much, so that they’ve managed to earn a lot of clients, for whom they developed different kinds of software from the source code of those software that are publicly available.

Today, great names in technology, like IBM, SAP or Adobe actively participate in the open source community. And the main reasons why companies use open source software are: the cost and quality.

For better clarification, the term open source in the context of software development represents a software with source code that anyone can inspect, modify, and enhance.

As a matter of fact, open source services embrace principles of open exchange, collaborative participation, transparency and community-oriented development.

What makes open source development so popular?

The software created in the open source methods is easy to construct and this will give you the option of incorporating all the features that you want.

All you have to do is mention what you want and how it needs to function.

And since the codes are open to modification, they can be optimized based on your requirement.

Customization, availability, cost-effectiveness and managing the software were never this easy.

Key benefits of using open source software

Open source software can have a major impact on your entire company.

There are several advantages of using open source software, as listed below:

Lower costs

This one is the best-known advantage of open source software.

The products are normally free to download, although it does incur running costs such as storage and computing power. But even those rare paid-for open source products still tend to be far cheaper than closed source alternatives.

Add the features you want

You can make changes to it to your heart’s content and do so according to your own timetable.

You can modify the software to ensure it has the features you need for your business to be successful.

Easier to audit

The availability of source code makes it possible for users of open source software to review security and performance standards.

Security concerns are few and far between

The vulnerabilities are exposed for everyone to see.

With that many eyes looking through the code, the problems are usually fixed quickly. 

Keep in mind that, the smaller size of the open source community also makes it a less likely target of attacks.

Being most of them end users, the developers are more likely to think about what you need.

Engineers who devote time to open source projects do so because they use the software too and want to improve it, so they bring their own experience to the process.


When you use proprietary software, you’re at the mercy of the publisher, who might decide to stop developing it or who could refuse to keep supporting older versions of the application.

But open source software has nearly guaranteed survival. Although nothing is 100% certain, if an open source application is freely available online and has a community supporting it and working on it, it should be available in perpetuity.

Outsourcing open source software development services

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