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PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for Web development. It was originally created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994;
Powering almost 70% of websites, PHP seems to be the most preferred and used server-side language in today’s online world.

PHP Hypertext Preprocessor


Webchain offers PHP development for:

  • Custom enterprise and domain-specific solutions
  • Websites, e-commerce and mobile web solutions
  • WordPress Development
  • Payment Gateway Integration

We offer robust solutions for projects of all sizes, relying on the best open source technologies. We develop custom PHP applications or rely on existing platforms and MVC software frameworks, such as Zend , Laravel, Symfony, PhalconPHP and CodeIgniter.
We setup, customize, extend and deploy applications. We provide individual developers or dedicated teams, according to your needs.
We build secure and eye-catching e-commerce solutions, highly customized to give you full control over every functionality that you might need and to ensure the best shopping experience for your customers
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Perfect for Your Business

Our team designs and develops websites and apps for businesses of every size.
Working with the PHP teams at Webchain, you benefit of:


our expert developers make efficient use of PHP best practices to create innovative websites and applications with optimal performance.


we create stable and reusable applications so that in the future your investment can still be adapted.

Rapid Development

our team has an in-depth understanding of creating, sustaining and modifying code in PHP, which reduces the overall development time and decreases the costs.

Proven methodologies

the gained knowledge and experience over the past years allows us to work with various projects and adapt the best fitting business practices to each project, individually.

Perfect for Your Business

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