Project details

A complete payment solution, the e-wallet we have built enables customers to securely and easily manage their funds online. The project was created from the ground up with an emphasis on providing consumers with the highest level of security, reliability, and simplicity. It was built with a robust architecture spread across two data centers with disaster recovery mechanisms in place, to reduce downtime in the event of any issues.

Our contribution:

– Significantly improved user experience by offering a comprehensive payment solution that is both secure and user-friendly.
– Successfully built and deployed a redundant infrastructure across two data centers, guaranteeing high availability and minimal downtime for users.
– Successfully completed the KPMG audit, confirming our commitment to best practices in security, compliance, and risk management.
– Developed both web and mobile apps for users, increasing accessibility and convenience for managing funds on the go.
– Created a back office for the client to be able to view reports and many other features
– Implemented disaster recovery solutions to minimize the impact of any potential issues, ensuring uninterrupted service for users.

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