Project details

A platform that offers an effortless way to deploy apps in the public cloud with continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), and simplifies the process by creating the entire application environment from scratch, starting just with a Github issue formatted in a specific way. Internal teams may easily create and deploy applications thanks to this platform’s streamlined app deployment process.

Our Contribution:

– Simplified app deployment: Using our platform, internal teams can easily deploy apps to the public cloud without requiring a deep understanding of cloud infrastructure or deployment tools.
– Automated CI/CD: Our platform automates the continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) process, making it easier and faster for teams to deploy new apps or updates to existing ones.
– Git-based workflow: By integrating with Github, our platform simplifies the app deployment process by allowing teams to create Github issues in a certain format and have the entire application environment created automatically.
– Scalability: Our platform is built for scalability, enabling teams to build apps in the public cloud quickly and easily without worrying about infrastructure or resource limitations.
– Increased productivity: Our platform enables teams to work more efficiently and focus on creating high-quality apps by automating the app deployment process.
– Simplified collaboration: Our platform offers a central location for app deployment, enabling teams to work together and share resources without having to learn how to use a complicated cloud architecture.
– Consistent environment: Our platform lowers the possibility of mistakes and inconsistencies, ensuring that apps work as intended. This is done by establishing a consistent environment for app deployment.
– User-friendly interface: Our platform has been created with an intuitive user interface that enables teams of all skill levels to use and deploy applications in the public cloud.


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