Project details

Toyota Lead Management System is a platform used by Toyota Germany and all it’s partners for gathering leads.
The platform has the ability to generate custom forms, custom email templates and custom form fields dynamically, it generates reports and integrates services from Amazon.

Our contribution:

– We enhanced lead management at Toyota Germany’s dealerships. We achieved this by offering simple, customizable online forms for managing leads. This optimization streamlined their lead collection process.

– Our efforts led to higher conversion rates. By incorporating varied input fields and forms, we transformed more website visitors into leads and customers.

– We gave dealers the edge with advanced data analysis. Our system collected and scrutinized data from web forms. This data helped refine sales strategies and boosted customer service.

– We streamlined scheduling. With our system’s forms, customers easily booked appointments and test drives. The result was reduced wait times and higher customer satisfaction.

– We bolstered reporting capabilities. Our lead management system delivered comprehensive lead and customer reports to Toyota Germany.

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