Project details

Vard Connect web application aims to be a digital twin of the shipyard manufacturing processes helping workers and managers alike to visualise and help to carry their day to day work.

– Not achieving planned goals and targets
– Not having an overview of resources
– Poor communication between departments
– Lack of traceability
– Supply chain management issues
– Not having enough info to optimise the processes

Build a solid software that unlocked full business potential

– Increased revenue
– Improved traceability
– Reduced the number of people involved in handling materials in the warehouse
– Created a transparent, correct and permanently updated unique database
– Optimised processes
– Improved planning
– Improved communication between departments
– Optimised supply chain management
– Increased storage space in the warehouse by organising the materials
– Reduced the number of lost materials (e.g. pipes, steel) and the need for re-fabrication

Technologies Stack:
– PHP: Slim framework, PHP-di, Doctrine, Twig, Respect Validation, Symfony Event Dispatcher
– Open API
– JS: Vue.js
– GitLab CI for running integration tests and auto-generate SDK’s from Open API specification

Start delivering quality software on time.