Project details

WebOrg is a solution that helps you manage sports clubs and teams! Communicate with your members, pay for a membership, write news, or create events. Weborg is also integrated with a Norwegian sports association called NIF.

– Unhappy clients
– Low revenue
– Not achieving planned goals and targets
– Unable to focus on goals and targets due to an increased number of issues
– Lack of IT specialists
– Not keeping their client promise

Put out immediate fires, focus on core features.
We analysed, planned, built and iterated.

– Improved customer satisfaction by adding new functionality and new interface
– Increased revenue with 70% in 1 year
– Reduced the number of issues in the existing application by increasing the overall quality through automatic testing and refactoring steps
– Increased efficiency in the management of memberships and events
– Improve application overall usability
– Increased client onboarding rate
– More time to focus on business expansion

Technologies stack:
– PHP, Slim framework, Zend Framework 1, Zend framework 2, PHP-di, Doctrine, Twig, Respect Validation, Symfony Event Dispatcher, Bootstrap, CSS3, HTML5
– Microservices
– PHPUnit
– Open API
– JS: React.js, Angular.js, jQuery
– GitLab CI
– Docker
– Kubernetes

Start delivering quality software on time.