These days, successful businesses aim to be at the top of the market when it comes to customer loyalty, process management, and financial performance.

In the digital epoch, companies must be in the spotlight and offer amazing customer experience, no matter in which industry they are operating in. To do so, businesses need to be fast and efficient in every aspect. Technology is the answer.

Companies need to find scalable and customized solutions to fit their business needs and help them grow.

If you would like to be at the top, the best way is to build your solution. In this case, hiring a dedicated team to build your custom business idea is the most important step you could take. It could be beneficial to not get disturbed in daily activities and therefore opt for a team to work on another project externally.

What is the dedicated team model?

As the name suggests, a dedicated team is a team that devotes all the time and effort particularly to the client and its specific project. You will work with a team of handpicked developers and IT specialists to fulfill your project and business goals. 

The dedicated team is the best choice for mid and long-term projects with variable necessities and goals. Hiring a dedicated development team offers plenty of benefits.

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The main advantages of hiring a dedicated team

Commitment and flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of the dedicated team model is that it is completely devoted to your project and, basically, part of your organization. A committed team is absorbed in the culture, policies, principles, and goals of the business. They work through the methods and strategies by your favorite management. This way the team can get a more profound understanding of your business demands and will work to make it successful.

Instant access to a talent pool

When hiring an outsourced dedicated team, you don’t have to worry about the search, recruitment, and administration. All the possible candidates are in one place, ready to start working on your project. Plus, opting for an outsourced dedicated team is significantly cheaper and easier than hiring in-house.


A dedicated team can be paid based on the actual number of hours or days that can be effectively scaled up and down based on your changing needs. This aspect serves as an immense benefit when you try to save costs. 


Firstly, a free choice of team members based on their skills. Secondly, you will always have the option to add more members, which in some cases is essential to increase or accelerate the development of a project. The reason these teams are named ‘dedicated’ is that they just work for you and your particular project. Nothing else has gotten in the way.

Shortly, here are the pros and cons of a dedicated development team


  • Pre-defined budget
  • The costs of searching and choosing the team can be reduced
  • Scaling opportunities – the number of people who work on your project can be increased anytime
  • Perfect for mid-long term projects
  • Focus and prompt response to project changes
  • Full team control and proper management
  • Full commitment of all members to your project
  • Visibility and clarity on the status of the project ensured by an experienced dedicated team leader
  • Ability to focus on project management, not people management


  • Not the best for presentation websites
  • Hiring a dedicated team doesn’t mean success by default. For great results, you need to opt for a great development team and have your requirements well defined.

Our conclusion

The dedicated software development team is a very popular solution among companies that wish to have cost-effective extended development resources assigned exclusively for them, and maintaining their unique domain knowledge.

A dedicated team will be as successful as the team manager is committed to be.

If you’re interested in hiring a dedicated development team, you don’t have to go anywhere else. We are here to help you out. WebChain has a massive pool of developers who are skilled and have experience in delivering various projects with any kind of requirements.

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