Computer technology has advanced at an extraordinarily high exponential pace over the last years.

Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are seen in multiple areas as part of the daily life of major corporations. The rapid pace of development of Artificial Intelligence demonstrates this is a groundbreaking technology designed to transform the way people use apps and conduct businesses.

Artificial Intelligence is one of the few technological innovations promising to bring about some striking changes in the mobile’s blooming app development environment.

Today, many software development companies around the world are not only interested in embracing AI but are also focused on getting the technology into people’s hands. They are practically looking to introduce it to their mobile devices through various apps.

Through integrating Artificial Intelligence features into the development of mobile apps, several devices will start performing some advanced technology roles such as landmark recognition, image marking, barcode scanning, face recognition, and text recognition. Apart from helping deliver great user experience, creating mobile apps with built-in AI features will go a long way to simplify the job for many mobile users.

There are many reasons a mobile app development company should use Artificial Intelligence technology. Here are some of them:

To improve the search experience

It will be easier for mobile users to engage in a searching process when AI is integrated (spelling corrections, add a voice search, perform suggestions, etc ).

Applying AI to a mobile app will undoubtedly improve the searching process for mobile users.

For example, voice search technology is one of the most popular applications that have risen for AI. One way you can use the voice technology is through virtual assistant integration. In other words, this means that with the aid of an AI-powered machine-like Cortana or Siri, the users can enable different functions in the app with their voice.

To simplify authentication

For most mobile app development companies, the use of AI can help to simplify authentication through the use of fingerprints or face recognition.

Also, AI systems can be used to improve video and audio recognition abilities in a mobile device.

For image recognition

In the mobile app, you can use an Image Recognition system, depending on the way of recognizing and discovering an object in a digital picture or video.

Also, Image Recognition can be used to examine customers and to confirm users by their appearances, along with many others.

To improve customer experience 

One of the most effective methods of incorporating AI technologies in the development of mobile apps is by adding algorithms that can analyze behavioral patterns of customers and also make suggestions to them based on that.

To deliver customized content

The customer experience can be improved by delivering customized goods or services which can greatly lead to an effective selling process. This is one of the few tech methods widely adopted in the e-commerce market lately.

To craft precise responses for the mobile customers

Companies like Google have already implemented such features into their mobile app for user convenience.

You can use AI for Smart Reply to create personalized responses based on the messages you received. Therefore, you can select one of the recommended answers or you can write one yourself and use it the next time someone has a similar issue.

Using AI to respond to your users is a powerful brand strategy tool, that will not only improve your team’s productivity but can also be used as a strategy to drive revenue.

To analyze large bits of data

AI is capable of processing large pieces of information that humans can not.

Imagine that there is a big amount of data about users’ feedback on the mobile app. Technically, you can develop a function for reading all those reviews. But AI, humanely reading them, will change the game and give developers a much better conclusion. This will be used eventually to make a well-informed decision.

To improve the development processes

The development of mobile apps is a very complex process; Especially if the developers are not focused on building cross-platform mobile apps, they will spend hundreds of hours coding the same thing. AI can relieve the burden by setting up the infrastructure to operate on. In other words, it can help developers to test mobile devices more efficiently and by spending less, improve quality assurance.

To secure the app

Any mobile app development company should consider implementing AI technology for security purposes, given that cybercrime has increased recently. You can read more about this in our latest article: Is Your Mobile Application secure?

AI technology can provide an authentication mechanism that is fast and secure. Actually, AI can be effectively integrated into tandem with a range of recognition types to pass user identification and authentication.

The future of AI in mobile app development

AI mobile app development is the new digital frontier for businesses and beginning to integrate this tech with your brand ensures that your company will stay ahead of the curve.

There are multiple brands like eBay, Amazon, Uber, and others that are using AI and delivering outstanding results. Therefore, Artificial Intelligence development enables mobile apps to allow a business to give accurate and efficient customer services.

The development of Artificial Intelligence drives a whole new class of opportunities for mobile app development.

AI has already been prominent in software development for many years, beginning with Apple’s Siri, and it can make even further progress in the coming years.

AI and machine learning ‘s new accessibility and progress are causing a revolutionary shift in the way developers, businesses, and users think about smart interactions within mobile apps.

We can already see a substantial rise in the use of AI in 2020. For instance, AI has already started integrating into 5G smartphones, which ensures that users can obtain more ML and AI opportunities to capture, retain, and process information in real-time.

Perhaps now is the best time to opt for AI services, as the competition is low and the opportunities limitless. Above all, users need applications that understand them without having to provide much input. Customizing an app can make it easier for users to connect with the application. If you’re interested in this, do not hesitate to contact us.

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