Nowadays, every business needs a solid software. Efficiency and speed towards achieving certain goals are what continuously boost revenue for a business. This means skipping the off-the-shelf software for custom software development and getting some competitive advantage for the company.

Custom-made solutions can be more effective and tailored to your needs. This will have a positive long-term effect on your business. Many businesses may be initially concerned by the price of custom software solutions, but the initial cost can be regained by overcoming the particular problems that off-the-shelf software can’t solve.

It can be very difficult to determine whether you need custom software for your business or not.

Before making a decision, check out these ways your company will benefit from investing in a custom solution.

Custom software addresses your exact needs 

Probably the most significant reason to invest in the development of custom software is that you are developing a product that suits your exact requirements.

For many companies, choosing an off-the-shelf software solution is not uncommon, only to realize that it is impractical for them.

Every company is different and when it comes to software it’s difficult to find a one-size-fits-all solution. Choosing to work with tailor-made solutions not only gives you plenty of flexibility and opportunity for growth, but also means you are confident about the development and success of your business.

It is easier to scale 

As your company continues to expand, so do your expectations.

Buying an off-the-shelf software solution could become an issue if it does not benefit your business or is too costly for licensing.

Off-the-shelf is a great option for small businesses in their startup phase because the processes are not established yet and the priority is on making the business sustainable.

Building a custom software solution that can grow and scale to your business operations will be more practical, and this way you will not be limited by the software.

You probably know much better than anyone else what obstacles and threats your business is facing and custom software represents the perfect tool for solving those problems.

Integration with existing software

The development of custom software provides an environment in which the integration of the software with other applications already in use is easier. When it comes to off-the-shelf solutions, operating without failures is very difficult and because of that the employee’s efficiency and optimizing business operations will not work very smoothly.

Custom software prevents integration problems and can fit nicely within the software environment of any business, allowing integration without failures with other software applications.

Cut on additional hardware costs

Off-the-shelf software frequently comes with the need to purchase extra equipment for it to function properly, which at the end of the day will turn into a pretty large bill. The existing hardware specifications are taken into account with custom-made applications, which helps to save money and prevent future additional hardware investments.

Custom software will benefit your company, rather than pressuring it to adjust itself to the software. Its development and integration should take into account every element of your business, to make it as smooth as possible.

Independence from the development team

When you buy off-the-shelf software, you’re relying on the company that produced it — on the price it sets, terms and conditions of use, and the business’ future. If the company goes out of business all of a sudden or starts upgrading the product, you can face an uncomfortable need to change your software vendor in a short amount of time, which can cost you both money and nerves.

Is custom software expensive?

To many people’s minds, the term “custom” always translates to “expensive.”

Although you’ll pay more for a custom software solution than you would for an off-the-shelf one, the return on your investment must be considered.

Just ask yourself: “Can you integrate multiple solutions into one system?“, “Can you unburden the employees by automating certain tasks?“, “How does that ensure more efficient use of time and resources?

Investing in a custom software solution may, in fact, turn out to be less costly in the long run.

Custom software can be as broad or as limited as your requirements warrant. A personalized software solution, whatever your desires, can simplify business operations and function more effectively than any other off-the-shelf software solution. Maybe it’s time for you to consider it. Send us an email and let our custom software development team make your business more efficient.

Start delivering quality software on time.