The IT Outsourcing market in Romania has shown consistent growth in recent years, making it a popular destination for businesses looking to outsource their IT services.

According to Statista, revenue in the IT Outsourcing market is projected to reach US$415.20m in 2024. And in 2024, Romania’s software development industry is worth €3.2 billion and is ranked 12th out of 26 EU countries.

Many businesses around the world have switched to advanced software solutions to better meet client expectations, optimize and streamline internal operations, and embrace innovation as a result of the Covid19 epidemic, which has provoked an incredible growth in digitization operations.

However, challenges such as high costs and a lack of local software engineering expertise, as well as strong competition for quick time-to-market, force many businesses to turn to IT outsourcing as a viable solution for overcoming obstacles and staying competitive.

Still, the reasons that drove corporations to outsource a few years ago and now are a bit different. Most companies used to outsource their custom software development projects to save money due to labor cost arbitrage. Nowadays, companies outsource to influence marketplace speed and use strategic relationships in order to develop new capabilities, merge them to create value, and push that value into the business.

Does Romania qualify as an IT Outsourcing ready destination?

Romania’s IT industry is one of the fastest-growing ones in Central and Eastern Europe.
In today’s digitally transformed world, where software and mobile development are critical to a company’s growth and prosperity, and the competition for new development talent is fierce, developers have become an asset to organizations.

So one of Romania’s key assets, aside from its low labor costs, is its highly qualified and innovative workforce, which has helped the country become a popular software outsourcing destination. In Romania, there is a significant number of IT professionals proficient in English and various European languages. This factor has positioned Romania as an attractive option for companies looking to outsource IT services, especially those located in Western Europe and North America.

Nowadays, there is a constant need to develop new services and improve existing ones in order to cut costs and stay ahead of the competition. Romania, one of Europe’s fastest-growing economies, has become a popular tech destination, according to the Financial Times.

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So, why outsource to Romania?

Skill set and expertise

When it comes to Romanian IT professionals, they excel not only in technical skills, thanks to the high-quality education provided by great universities but also in soft skills. Adaptability, flexibility, and collaborative skills are some of the most highly valued characteristics that contracting organizations seek. Furthermore, Romanian IT professionals are known for their multilingual abilities. From English to German, French, and Spanish, Romanian software developers are capable of learning and speaking a variety of languages with ease.

Versatility and adaptability

In terms of their technical abilities, which we’ve previously mentioned, it’s also vital to remember that the country’s IT experts are skilled in a variety of computer languages and are familiar with most of the existing technologies, even emerging ones. Romania offers comprehensive answers to even the most complex difficulties and projects. As a result, businesses will almost certainly discover exactly what they’re searching for, with little difficulty filling skill gaps, regardless of the skillsets required.

Proximity to other European tech hubs

Romania’s major IT hubs are located close to other European tech hubs, such as Timișoara, less than a 3-hour flight from Berlin and Amsterdam. This close distance allows for real-time meetings with developers, enhancing team productivity and fostering trust.

Meeting modern challenges

Additionally, the rising popularity of remote work has made it simpler to collaborate with teams across borders, which has increased the need for nearshoring services. Also, Romania is seeing an increase in demand for software development services, particularly in cutting-edge technologies like blockchain, AI, and machine learning.

Nurturing growth and driving innovation

Moreover, IT companies in Romania prioritize employee training to keep their workforce updated on the latest technologies and trends.


Finally, when analyzing the advantages that Romania has to offer those who choose it as their outsourcing destination, we must not overlook the issue of cost. Companies are now looking for an outstanding price-quality ratio rather than the lowest rates.

Romania once again has the dominant position. The country offers an incomparable price-quality ratio, adding value to organizations that choose to outsource to Romania.

The country attracts businesses looking to cut costs due to its favorable tax laws and relatively low cost of living. Additionally, Romania has access to a substantial market and a stable regulatory framework thanks to its membership in the European Union. Its robust startup ecosystem and dynamic entrepreneurial culture also encourage innovation and accelerate the IT sector’s growth.

Global software corporations such as Oracle, Amazon, IBM have already taken advantage of Romanian software engineers’ capabilities at lower costs than in Western Europe while retaining product quality and speeding up time to market. They also contributed to the early stages of the tech startup sector, which is rapidly increasing today.

Outsourcing IT services – Romania, a competitive choice

Romania offers the entire package when it comes to outsourcing because of its optimal position, sustained economic growth, high-quality labor, and excellent price-quality ratio. Romania deserves its place among the greatest competitors in the outsourcing field as one of the hotspots for both nearshore and offshore IT outsourcing, by providing unparalleled benefits that bring businesses closer to their goals.

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