Software outsourcing represents the solution to the concerns faced by the modern world. More and more businesses are embracing the newly successful approach to keep pace with the market and create a benefit over it, while optimizing costs, building and maintaining infrastructure and software outside their own system.

Outsourcing software development is an excellent way of creating your own business apps without developing and maintaining developers, IT teams, UX designers, and project managers. This year, the software outsourcing market will keep growing and will evolve dynamically.

The pandemic has remodeled the factors that drive the organizational need for outsourcing. The year 2020 resulted in companies witnessing unprecedented changes in business structures, internal processes. Organizations had to move to remote work and the dependence on digital resources grew as a consequence.

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As companies are increasing focus on optimizing strategies for outsourcing development needs, here are the main software development trends that will dominate the global market this year:

The growth of the cloud services

Cloud migration can be a painstaking and costly process, but more and more companies decide to move from on-site data storage to cloud-based data storage.

By quickly and efficiently integrating different business applications, cloud computing guarantees enhanced data security, smoother data operations, and the capacity to revitalize business processes.

In several industries, 2020 has been one of the most significant years for the growth and adoption of cloud strategy. The demand for suppliers of such solutions will be as strong in 2021, meaning that businesses will pay more attention to privacy, data protection, and identity.

The growing importance of AI

More and more companies will see success in the development of AI. The adoption by external companies of AI tools as part of the software development outsourcing is already occurring. Artificial Intelligence has become something tangible for many businesses, like a selection of vital necessities, and will develop much faster in 2021.

Businesses that will be able to provide tools for process automation will be the main ones in outsourcing software development.

Artificial intelligence is used in a growing number of internal environments, so it would be highly beneficial to outsource service providers that will be able to integrate and automate these processes.

Also, RPA – Robot Process Automation will play a major role this year, as RPA projects are already being carried out by more and more businesses. RPA means the use of software robots that can handle everyday tasks in many business fields, in an automated manner.

Strong focus on cybersecurity

In 2021, organizations are expected to rely more on cybersecurity. As the need for software development outsourcing grows, as does the need for better security of enterprise data. In order to help diminish the risk of being jeopardized, organizations are focusing on protecting their data by reducing internal and external vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks.

No wonder that external services aimed at strengthening the security of corporate networks and sensitive data are becoming fairly important from year to year.

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The development of stronger collaborative partnerships

As companies focus more on the quality of the products, more than cost savings, it requires more effort on improving communication and partnerships with suppliers. This increased change in the value of outsourcing is forcing companies to examine their relationship with suppliers, which has shifted emphasis more and more during 2020.

In 2021, in order to ensure product quality is met, it is expected to become more of a priority when addressing suppliers.

Both native apps and the development of progressive apps are on top

Native apps are those that have been developed for a particular mobile platform, like iOS or Android. This means that the same software must be written in a different programming language for both of them, usually Java and Kotlin for Android, and for iOS, Swift, and Objective-C.

Because of the need to create a native app for each platform, the project usually necessitates a separate development team, making native applications the most frequently outsourced for development.

Given how rapidly the number of smartphone users is rising to make transactions, bank payments, communication, and all lifestyle activities, there will be a significant increase in demand for native applications, and also for Progressive Web Apps. Progressive Web Apps use advanced network technology to provide users with an experience almost identical to a dedicated mobile app.

Eastern Europe will be the most wanted destination for software outsourcing

For many countries, Eastern Europe is becoming an extremely exciting option for software outsourcing.

Highly skilled professionals, expertise, and knowledge as well as affordable prices mean that businesses increasingly outsource software development to Eastern European entities.

Within the last decade, Romania has been one of the top IT outsourcing countries of Eastern Europe and it is the home of top outsourcing software development companies. The benefits associated with outsourcing to Romania cannot be overlooked by any global company.

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Final thoughts

2020 placed more prominent importance on software development and the need for companies to adapt quickly in order to gain competitive advantages. The industry was accelerated further into the future than originally intended, as rapid solutions such as outsourcing were needed to solve existing problems properly.

Software development outsourcing helps businesses to develop highly competitive solutions quicker. The trends mentioned above helped companies during 2020, and are set to continue to shape software development outsourcing this year. Basically, software outsourcing will mainly be a continuation of the development trends that started in 2020. Of course, you need to choose a great and professional team of software developers, in order to achieve your desired results.

Start delivering quality software on time.