How To Avoid API Security Attacks

In our previous article, we showed you that APIs enable companies to grow their business more quickly than ever, and that nowadays, APIs can reduce the administrative burden significantly.

But also, these days, API security has become a significant cause of concern for many businesses. Many companies have no knowledge of potential API attacks, because they are a bit unfamiliar with the concept. The reason why they may be strongly affected by an incorrectly implemented API.

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Integrate your apps with API development

API – Definition

API is the acronym that stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is basically a software intermediary, that provides instructions to differentiate applications, in order for them to interact and communicate bilaterally.

For example, each time when you’re using an app like Facebook or check the weather on your mobile phone, you are using an API.

API development makes applications ready for integration and makes it easier for systems to break out of data silos, by providing entities with the code they need, in order to access some functionalities of the API’s source application.

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