Artificial Intelligence and Robotics – A Powerful Duo That Could Change the World

Artificial intelligence and robotics are transforming the technological landscape. Things that were just a dream many years ago are now a reality.

From chatbots to self-healing cars, artificial intelligence is increasingly transforming the way we function and live. The consequences of technological advancements are now being felt in most industries. Artificial intelligence is transforming the landscape in a variety of sectors in several ways.

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Deep Learning can Make a Difference in your Business

These days, we take Artificial Intelligence for granted, using it in our everyday routines.

Artificial Intelligence may no longer be new, but not all are technology specialists for an average internet user, so they fall aside from having the knowledge of the effect of AI on their lives and everyday activities.

If you’ve heard about deep learning, you should know it is a particular form of machine learning.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing the Manufacturing Industry

Artificial intelligence is changing the rules of the game for almost every industry. As the technology stabilizes and costs drop, AI becomes more accessible for businesses, and that includes manufacturing.

Without a doubt, the manufacturing sector takes the lead in integrating artificial intelligence technology.

From dramatic improvements in unexpected downtime to improved developed products, manufacturers are applying AI-powered algorithms to data to boost employee performance, product quality, and security.

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Artificial Intelligence. Debunking the Myths.

Very few science and technology topics are currently causing as much enthusiasm as Artificial Intelligence (AI).  In many cases, this is a good reason, as some of the sharpest minds in the world have said that AI has the potential to revolutionize all aspects of our lives.

On the other hand, as with almost anything new, some common myths and often peddled misconceptions came to light.

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