How Technology Is Changing The Automotive Industry

Electric mobility, driverless cars, automated factories, and ridesharing—these are just some of the biggest disruptions the automotive industry faced during the COVID-19 crisis.

Now it is reasonable to question what the next normal for the automotive industry would look like with travel severely restricted by the pandemic, and in the middle of massive global factory closures, regressing car sales, and major layoffs. We’ve seen the first signs of this automotive era becoming apparent over the past few months, with the greatest shifts in the industry still to come.

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Custom Software – The Key to Success in the Automotive Industry

The manufacturing industry needs custom software solutions that allow running lean – lean manufacturing is now becoming such a huge competitive advantage. The main goal is to eliminate any supply chain deficiencies – from production and material handling, till service and quality control.

The automotive industry is a tremendous economic sector that needs to keep up with emerging technologies to be able to create the latest vehicles. Today’s automotive production must adapt to the rapid development of technology, while at the same time building cars with fewer interruptions, greater speed, and total precision.

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