8 Reasons You Should Use Amazon Web Services for Your Business

For a long time, cloud computing was thought to be something that only large corporations would invest in, with no value to smaller businesses. However, nowadays many companies use the cloud in some form. Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one of the most prominent cloud service providers; many businesses pick AWS because of its flexibility and a wide choice of services.

If you’re thinking about moving to the cloud, AWS could be the ideal solution. At the same time, it’s crucial to understand your company’s demands in terms of data and infrastructure so that you can make the best choice possible.

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Why The Fintech Industry Should Consider Legacy Cloud Migration?

The pandemic forced hundreds of millions of employees to take shelter and ultimately relocate all operations online. Many businesses were caught off guard since not all companies have the necessary technology tools. And in this scenario, FinTech companies were not immune to the impact.

For example, before the pandemic, a few fintech companies began shifting to the cloud. However, many people were hesitant to embrace the cloud migration plan due to valid worries about important topics such as rising costs, handling complicated company data and workloads, retraining existing IT workers, and so on.

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Cloud vs On-Premise – Which One is Better for Your Business?

In today’s IT world, there are several considerations to analyze before deciding whether a cloud or on-premise infrastructure is a perfect fit. Many businesses are unable to make the transition to the cloud, relying instead on their tried-and-true legacy and on-premise systems and software to conduct business.

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5 Cloud Myths Holding your Business Back

When it comes to shifting their data to a cloud-based service, there are many misconceptions that organizations of all sizes believe in. The cloud lets companies save time and resources and, most significantly, protect their information.

Cloud-based software is important in today’s world. In 2021, in the aftermath of COVID-19, it will become even more relevant to some companies. Although it may sound daunting for some businesses to move to the cloud it is the best choice for companies of any size.

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