Outsourcing. Debunking the myths – Part II

In our previous article, we have rounded up the most common myths about outsourcing, but unfortunately, there are more! 

As promised, we are back with other outsourcing misconceptions.

Myth: Offshoring means outsourcing > the confusion between these 2 concepts


Being 2 different things, it’s very important to clear up the terms.

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Outsourcing. Debunking the myths – Part I

Many have heard of outsourcing, but many are also uninformed about it. We are not surprised that over time people judged outsourcing based on the misconceptions they’ve heard from other people, not based on facts. Thus, numerous opinions have generated lots of terrifying myths about how dangerous or unhealthy is outsourcing for a company.

We’ve figured out that myths and false information never rest, and even in the world of outsourcing they exist.

Here are 5 of them that we’ve debunked:

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