Leveraging AI and Digital Twins to Transform the Manufacturing Industry

Digital solutions are growing in capacity and they will continue to attract industry players with their wide variety of business applications.

Digital twin technology is a specific strategy that slowly marks out its importance as a solid business partner. Basically, a digital twin is a technology that generates the virtual representation of real-world objects, such as physical items, systems, or structures, typically in 3D, based on sensor-collected data.

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Manufacturing Digital Twin Technology & IoT – A New Era

We live in a digital era. Data is all around us and, at the manufacturing level, the vast amount of real-time information available offers new perspectives into processes. Smartly used, the data can provide a roadmap to continuous process progress and a drastic increase in production efficiency.

The significantly reduced cost of sensors and the growing computing capabilities have made IoT (Internet of Things) omnipresent, widely available and scalable.

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machine learning

How does Machine Learning Impacts the Manufacturing Industry?

For businesses that don’t have the right resources in place to produce their goods, the manufacturing process can be time-consuming and costly. Recently, machine learning has become more predominant in the development and assembly of products, using sophisticated technology to reduce the length and cost of manufacturing.

Machine learning, in particular, is based upon large datasets, which can be used to provide insights into the manufacturing process.

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How Digital Twin Technology is Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing sector is undergoing a massive transformation as digital innovations are reshaping what is possible, from hitting new levels of operational productivity, to creating successful business models.

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