Is Microservices Architecture a Viable Solution for Your Business?

Day after day, technological advancements make our lives better. Many technologies and architectural patterns have developed and evolved in recent years, and the scenario is only getting better.

Microservices architecture, first introduced only a few years ago, is now a rapidly growing trend. The microservices method does provide tangible benefits such as increased scalability, flexibility, and agility, among other things. Netflix, Google, Amazon, and other tech giants have successfully transitioned to microservices architecture from monolithic architecture. Meanwhile, many businesses believe that following this trend is the most efficient approach to grow their business.

But let’s see…

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A Guide to Microservices

Over the past years, microservices represented an important trend in the world of software development, as we mentioned in our previous article. In any case, if you ask different developers what a microservice is, you will get lots of different answers.

Additionally, to make it all clear, we will put on the table the most important tools and techniques microservices developers are using to build highly scalable, modular applications.

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