Romania as an IT Outsourcing Destination. Everything You Need To Know

Many businesses around the world have switched to advanced software solutions to better meet client expectations, optimize and streamline internal operations, and embrace innovation as a result of the Covid-19 epidemic, which has provoked an unprecedented growth in digitization operations.

Nonetheless, challenges such as high costs and a lack of local software engineering expertise, as well as strong competition for quick time-to-market, force many businesses to turn to IT outsourcing as a viable solution for overcoming obstacles and staying competitive.

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Why Should I Outsource to Romania

Romania is a member of the European Union since January 1, 2007. With 19 million citizens it has the seventh largest population among the EU member states and a dynamic and quickly developing IT industry. Located in the heart of Eastern Europe, Romania has grown into anĀ ideal software development locationĀ for companies seeking highly technical and friendly workforce, a cost-effective business environment at a nearby location.
With the rising cost of hiring developers in many countries, outsourcing software development is more popular than ever. However, the places companies are outsourcing their work to is quickly changing, and Romania is becoming one of the top ones. Read more