The Main Benefits of Software Architecture

Many people underestimate the importance of software architecture, as well as many others simply don’t really know what it means, and what are the advantages of it.

Although software architecture appears to be very tech, and many people assume it’s not for them, it’s not true!

Don’t you want to hire the best architect when you’re going to build your house, in order to assure you’ll get a solid foundation? Software architecture is the exact same thing – it’s the software’s root.

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internal software

The Importance of High Quality Internal Software

A popular discussion in software development projects is between spending time on enhancing the quality of the software vs focusing on developing more important features.

Over time, there were many cases when the developers have likely attempted to explain to the management why they should not skim on investing in quality, but have failed to persuade them. The result: instead of minimizing features from the next release, actually the quality investments such as unit tests, refactoring code and design documentation are reduced.

The pressure to deliver functionality is dominating the debates, forcing many developers to complain that they have no time to focus on the quality of architecture and code.

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