The world’s ongoing health situation has changed the habits of customers, businesses, and governments tremendously. Almost all purchases were carried out via the Internet due to quarantine, enabling for an unexpected Golden Age of eCommerce.

Businesses that used to face their clients had to adjust quickly to the laws of social distancing and be accessible online. The rise in eCommerce websites was enormous at the very beginning of the world-wide lockdowns, so were sales via online commerce.

If you are wondering if you need an eCommerce website, here are some reasons that will help you figure out which is the best option.

Diminishing the costs for consumer acquisition

Online commercials can be free or much cheaper if you do so yourself via social media or blogs. And much cheaper with an agency taking over e-marketing activities than advertising your shop through street banners, radio, TV, prints.

Salespoint costs

You’ve definitely heard that location is very important to succeed in this ruthless business world. And that means the best areas of the towns, meaning the highest rental rates in exchange. Instead, you can spend considerably less on an online website.

Continuous accessibility

This is a very significant component of online business. Practically, your shop will always be accessible and easy to reach for the client. Comfort at its best!


In a regular shop, robbery, hazards (falling walls, damaged pipes), loss of inventory due to customers (broken vases, clothing make-up stains, and so on) must be considered. All of this lead to a loss of income, almost eliminated by internet sales and the exchange of products.

Of course, that security and data protection is a serious matter for any online business, that’s why you should catch a glimpse of this article: eCommerce Website Security – Protect your Online Store Against Cyber Threats in order to see how you can take all the necessary measures to avoid having your eCommerce website hacked.

Smaller workforce

When you don’t have to hire several people to handle all the procedures in the physical shopping experience, the direct profit margin rises.

Personalized shopping experience

Lately, customers have a preference for online shopping to get something they really need or want. This helps you to do that with customized data, deals, personalized tracking, without irritating the customers walking after them.

Faster and easier scaling

You will be able to control your sales, e-marketing effect in sales, outbound campaigns, and change your inventory accordingly.

Special methods to gain clients

Only a channel of consumer acquisition enables consumers to post their purchases on social media, which is free advertising for trustworthy buyers.

Constant transactions

Customers who are far from their desired products and services’ locations will ultimately turn to an alternative, but much closer to their home. From the comfort of their own home, having an online shop will allow them to continue purchasing from you.

What do you need for eCommerce success?

Being successful online is not very easy. You need to create an amazing shopping experience for users to thrive in the eCommerce space. But what defines a great online shopping experience?

Accurate and up-to-date product information

When it comes to inventory accessibility, this is extremely important; no one wants to order a product to be told it is out of stock!

Estimated delivery dates

This is an effective way to keep consumers updated, similar to inventory availability, which can help them schedule their orders based on when they need items.

Specific shopping features

Related product and search recommendations, frequently bought goods, and consistent details on sales and promotion enable customers to find fresh products they will enjoy.

User-friendly carts for purchases

Visible shopping carts help consumers keep a record of their purchase items, while tax and shipping calculators help minimize cart abandonment rates and capture orders, as well as delivery choices.

Quick fulfillment

Consumers today are used to sites providing free 2-day or even same-day delivery. Make sure that you set acceptable delivery timeframes and send monitoring and delivery notifications to clients to keep them up-to-date.

eCommerce software can help and guarantee a better shopping experience without needing a lot of manual work. For example, a solution for product information management lets you manage product content and inventory availability from one platform across multiple markets and your web storefront.

Integrations with your business system in eCommerce will generate automated confirmation emails, track detailed emails, and customer order updates. And data automation directly brings orders to your business processes, so you can process orders efficiently and meet short timeframes for delivery.

How to choose the right eCommerce software for your needs?

Take into account:

  • The budget you have
  • The type of products you are selling
  • The features you need for your online website

Unlike off-the-shelf software which is standard and you can get it from the internet, custom eCommerce software is developed to fit your business needs. A developer, a software company, or an outsourcing company will take and adapt the current code to make it fit your specific needs. Custom software ensures that the code on your website will be customized to your company and consumer needs. Plus, you will still be able to make changes to it, this way increasing the satisfaction, happiness, and engagement of your customers.

Before deciding what software to choose, take a look at our article: Choosing the Right eCommerce Software for Your Needs. It will probably enlighten you and make your decision easier.

Adapt & Overcome

Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the advantages of eCommerce were clear.

Today, eCommerce provides not only a way to sustain the business between store closures and a jump in online shopping use but also a strategic advantage that will surpass the virus for a long time. With the click of a button, eCommerce will help you achieve your business goals, whether you are trying to complement in-person sales, broaden your consumer base, or boost the shopping experience for current customers.

Stay positive and think strategically, above all, and you will help your organization survive the storm.

Start delivering quality software on time.