In recent months, the concept of digital acceleration has increased dramatically. No wonder, considering the enormous demand for software solutions generated on a global scale by the new coronavirus epidemic.

However, as most companies have moved digital transformation to the upper edge of their to-do list, many have wandered upon the painful reality of the adoption of new technologies: to do it right requires some significant expertise.

Working with software development companies has become one proper solution to this issue in the long term. In-house procedures frequently just can not fit the industry knowledge, expertise, and technology capacities they bring to the game. Moreover, outsourcing IT services, even in industry sectors as sophisticated as healthcare, has demonstrated to be a faster and more cost-effective way of developing high-quality products. You can read more about the differences between outsourcing or in-house services in our article Why Choose Outsourcing Instead of Having an In-House Team?

Let’s see how software development companies can represent the solution to your process of digital acceleration.

The exploration and adoption of technology

There is far more to digital transformation than pushing outdated systems into the digital world. It includes a thorough study of a company and its people’s interests, background, and opportunities. Only then can you hope for a proper digital transformation. Things are a bit different with acceleration in the mix.

When time is crucial, software development companies play a vital role in the exploration and implementation of technology. Strictly speaking, they understand what is working in the industry right now and can make decisions if that will work for you, based on the results.

This happens quite frequently with artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and data analytics. Many organizations are not even conscious of how these three innovations may have an effect on their daily operations or just do not know how to incorporate their true potential. But they can actually have a huge effect on any company. You can read more about the most important technologies which will take 2021 by storm: A Look Into the Future – IT Trends and Predictions for 2021

Cybersecurity a top priority with huge benefits

Cybersecurity is one of the major issues with digital transformation nowadays. Even the World Health Organization had to alert the globe of a rise in cyber threats. This increase is due to one simple explanation: everybody wants the advantages of digital transformation, but not everybody is willing to comply with the quality standards in cybersecurity. And there is an incredibly high price to pay for that.

The truth is that cybersecurity is such a dynamic and continuously changing area that it’s just not a smart move to go about it without a professional to back you up.

The effects vary from basic speed bumps in product production to security breaches within the business that leave all kinds of confidential information in the hands of cybercriminals. This burden can be taken off your back by partnering with a professional software development company. Such a company will be able to handle technology solutions and how they relate to you, but they also can provide you with direct access to the best cybersecurity practitioners on the market.

Top talent pool

If there’s one key concept in the IT industry, it’s that all high-quality software is driven by talent. Many skilled developers, however do not live in the same area. You’re probably well aware of this if you’ve ever tried to recruit one.

To meet the amazingly demand for skilled IT professionals, local talent pools are just not broad and diverse yet.

By collaborating with remote partners, some software development companies address this problem. This gives the customers access to advantages such as technological expertise, reduced costs, cultural stability, and faster staffing.

That said it should be acknowledged that the digital acceleration phase is an instant boost to working with top IT talent. It’s not difficult to see how. In order to handle even the most difficult and challenging projects, the best developers have expertise and requisite skills. And since they operate on an on-demand basis, as the project progresses, scalability won’t be an issue.
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In today’s new and rapidly-changing environment, companies need to be able to adapt to new technologies and accommodate these in their product innovation efforts.

Treat digital acceleration like a big race. Everybody, at their own pace, will go through a different path and face their own difficulties. The choice to work with software development companies will always depend on your specific situation, your specific objectives, and how you want to accomplish them, whether or not you have done some prior preparation.

Start delivering quality software on time.