As applications become a go-to technique for companies to promote their services, many modest businesses are looking for in-house platforms to reduce costs and develop the greatest app they can.

Nowadays, most companies can rapidly develop a good-looking mobile app with instructive advice and plenty of templates to choose from.

The truth is, whether it’s for your company, blog, brand, service, or just something completely random, app software creation choices are unlimited and simple to discover if you know where to look.

Here is our top selection of the mobile app building platforms and tools out there.

Native Script

A Guru of the mobile app development, NativeScript represents an open source framework that packs quite the punch. Users are able to create native apps with JavaScript, Angular and TypeScript and easily reuse code, saving a lot of time.

NativeScript creates iOS and Android applications from one single codebase and offers plenty of helpful guides to assist with the slight learning process.


Ionic provides a free mobile application framework for HTML5 that contains an open source mobile UI toolkit for high-quality cross-platform applications for iOS, Android and web applications.

It also consists of multiple developer-friendly CSS and JavaScript elements, with several indigenous app templates to choose from. Besides, it contains a variety of analytics methods and DevOps applications.

With Ionic, you can create a single app for multiple platforms leveraging web technologies. To provide the native-like experience, it utilizes plugins such as PhoneGap / Cordova.


Unity is basically the perfect platform for all the game developers. The platform can be used to produce AR & VR games. Actually, It is used to develop half of the games in the world, according to their site.

With this platform, you can build once and deploy anywhere.

The editor comes equipped with a myriad of helpful tools to speed up the process. The best part? In ”play mode” you can get a sneak peek of your recent action work.

The high-powered real-time rendering engine also allows you to generate incredible film quality graphics.


PhoneGap is one of the most often adopted mobile app development technology for cross-platform applications.

It has been created by Adobe and it enables the developers to construct apps using HTML, CSS & JavaScript.

PhoneGap provides fast growth to enable developers to transfer web development skills rapidly, which will boost more rapid iterations and releases.

Appy Pie

Another one of the selection of app building applications, Appy Pie enables you to edit your apps and publish them on just about any feasible platform. There’s nothing to install and download, you can simply create the app online.

You will be able to build apps for Windows phones, Blackberry, Fire OS, Android and iOS, which is pretty remarkable. All revisions are in real-time. You will be able to send push notifications, monetize with ads, see live analytics. You can also add social media feeds, blogs, websites, audio, radio and more. Though, for this, you will have to upgrade to a paid package.

Appery is a cloud-based mobile app builder that can be used to build Android or iOS applications. It contains Apache Cordova (Phone Gap), Ionic, and Mobile jQuery with access to its built-in elements.

The Appery app builder also contains a visual editor that uses drag and drop elements to build the UI. For any components you drop in, Appery auto-generates the code. If you need to store data, you can connect to and use any REST API in your application and instantly incorporate a cloud database and backend to your app.

The best part about Appery is that you can create your own custom plugins. And if you work with a team, you can effortlessly share the project and collaborate in real-time for an additional fee.


The name is pretty fun, but this platform will enable you to develop and publish games for a variety of platforms, including iOS, Android, HTML5, and macOS.

This gaming app creator includes a scene and actor editor, where you will spend almost all your time developing the game, setting up actors in a scene and creating attributes, images, sounds, and navigating between actors. 

As you can see, YES – it lets you make salad.

Bizness Apps

Built especially for small businesses, the app provides an easy way to aggregate existing content from websites and social media. It offers a variety of characteristics including ordering, a shopping cart, reviews, posts, vibrant content, third-party integration, push notifications, and more. 

BiznessApps also provides an easy way to create promotional materials.

This app is perfect for small and mid-sized companies that just need an app as soon as possible, but not for those for whom an app is a key to a long-term success.

jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a great fit for companies that need an open source mobile web framework to enable them to leverage existing jQuery skills.

The framework offers the possibility to use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to create animated mobile web pages for a range of smartphones. Can also be used with PhoneGap to develop hybrid mobile apps.


The mobile platform of Appcelerator provides pre-integrated cloud services in its module marketplace, plus a comprehensive library of application extensions.

This one is a great fit for the companies that need to do multi-OS app development leveraging web-based skill sets.

It also contains impressive insights into app utilization, meaning it’s fairly easy to monitor the output of your app.


Start delivering quality software on time.