Technology and software are constantly changing. As a consequence, keeping up with the trends can be hard. Also, keeping up to date with fresh techniques is crucial to business success.

More and more companies and experts who don’t use the newest technologies can see their products and skills go stale.

That’s why identifying which technologies are viable is often difficult, time-consuming and challenging.

The future of software is increasingly complex.

In this article, we’ll bring to your attention the high-level trends that are influencing software this year and beyond.

The mixed reality

This concept represents the combo between Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Obviously, AR has gained considerable popularity, and the credit for this goes exclusively to its incorporation on smartphone apps. Smartphones’ popularity represents the only reason why businesses are struggling to invest in their own AR application.

Unlike its twin technology – VR, AR applications don’t require hardware with the newest specifications.

Regarding the VR, most people consider that this technology doesn’t extend beyond gaming and entertainment. In fact, it has amazing uses.

In case you are wondering, here is one of the most important utilities of mixed reality: the US army uses it for military training purposes.


Microservices have become a favored architecture for applications. In particular, they allow for extremely sustainable, loosely coupled services that combine, in order to create a bigger application. When a feature needs to be updated, this can be done separately from the rest of the application.

Apparently, microservices which are experiencing a huge growth in popularity this year, can deliver enormous benefits over monolithic apps, if implemented properly.


Internet of things includes the broad categories of internet-connected devices. In the area of security and customer experience, IoT is experiencing tremendous demands.

It is said that IoT devices will reach a market of $520 billion by 2021. As an example, by 2020 over 90% automobiles will be IoT enabled.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The AI-based software can think smartly like humans.

Right now, the AI subsets such as machine learning or deep learning are becoming extremely popular among companies.

There are more and more businesses that are taking development services for machine learning as a necessity.

AI improves business tasks and simplifies them. That’s why AI makes the list of top software trends in 2019.

Data Security

Governments and customers alike are increasingly worried about the state of privacy, security and personal data sharing. For instance, the EU’s release of the GDPR has compelled many businesses to change the way they collect and store data.

Companies accept that data security represents a big public relations challenge, as much as it is an operational one.

Being able to safely collect and store data, and use industry standard data tools will be a key skill for software developers moving forward.

Language trends

Nowadays, JavaScript and its diverse frameworks are widely used by Full Stack Developers.

To avoid risks at the end of a software development project, a company should pick the best language for them.

Based on a recent survey, Node.js is the most popular framework, followed by Angular and React.

Use the language according to your needs!

Low code development

Is a significant trend in the modern software development industry.

Low code development removes the requirement of complex codes, it doesn’t require expertise and allows the clients to customize the software in their own way, on their own.

It’s honestly, a crucial tool for those companies that are planning for digital transformations.

Outsourcing software development

The outsourcing market is growing massively every year.

IT industry has a huge number of outsourcing services, as companies resist the hiring of in-house developers to save cost and resources. More details about the importance and benefits of outsourcing you can find in our article.

To conclude

The emerging software technologies provide a clear picture of the ongoing growth in the IT sector. All of these trends have definitely existed before 2019 and will continue to exist well into the future, but this year the focus is higher than ever!

Start delivering quality software on time.