In their day-to-day business, manufacturing companies have many things to evaluate and analyze – from detailed tracking of projects, tasks and costs to return of investments.

Therefore, visibility plays a vital role in such a dynamic setting. Integrating the right software can help manufacturers achieve the necessary visibility to identify issues and self-optimize when problems arise.

Commonly, most manufacturers have no visibility into the real-time status of their company’s manufacturing process. Besides, most of them have to confront the multitude of blind spots that make it hard for plant managers, designers and engineers to find the right solutions that will have a positive effect on the production cycle.

Lack of company-wide visibility

Manufacturing businesses using conventional methods to collect important marketing or sales decision-making information, do not end up with a full picture of the scenario, specifically if they have several departments that don’t communicate efficiently with each other.

That being said, every manufacturing company should experience greater visibility at all levels. In reality, visibility is one of the industry’s main pillars.

It is essential to have a custom software system that integrates all sales, marketing, and main business functions into a single system and allows them to interact with each other. That means all of your departments will run the business using the same data.

Lack of asset visibility

The cost of not having visibility of the assets is very clear. When people spend time looking for products or tools, it can add up to a significant deal of wasted time. This can also slow down cycle-time if products are sitting being searched for and not being processed, resulting in lower production and higher inventory rates. The solution is to use custom software to monitor technology in order to know where everything is at any particular moment.

Visibility and predictability into assets’ health and performance, monitors, maintains and optimizes assets for greater availability, usage, and efficiency. Custom software with predictive maintenance capabilities can detect problems and enable fast and efficient measures, increasing outcomes for the organization.

Lack of process visibility

Process visibility involves the task of answering the next question: “What is the status of my product? Where is my product in the process?

Using custom software solutions, you will be able to accurately measure the whole process in a variety of ways such as input from automated systems or tracking the physical movement of products through the factory. The right software will provide reliable data that would help process improvement decisions. It also lets you create an alignment of your business roles, processes, and technologies with the company’s goals.

For every manufacturing company, the best way to identify issues and improve efficiency is greater visibility.

Gaining visibility throughout all aspects of the manufacturing process enables manufacturers to:

reduce cycle time
– reduce the amount of inventory and work-in-progress
– eliminate non-value-added activities
– gain extensive insight by correlating operational data with real-time process interactions
– enable more dynamic manufacturing practices by separating processes from fixed work zones
– get an overview of any department’s activities
increase revenue
– maintain a high level of consumer satisfaction, that will help you keep your brand ahead of competitors. This leads to the success of your business.

As you can see, through enhanced visibility, manufacturers can gain a variety of benefits leading to substantial resource and cost savings and dramatically improved productivity. Manufacturing visibility increases efficiency across the entire production network, allowing for decision making and implementation across multiple internal and/or outsourced manufacturing processes.

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