That’s the question!

Nowadays outsourcing tends to be more popular among businesses all over the world. This phenomenon occurs because the biggest benefit of outsourcing is that you can gain operational efficiencies and skills that you would have a difficult time replicating in-house.

Anyways, the main challenge is that you’ll need to find an affordable and high-quality outsourcing company, task that can be time consuming, and most often great outsourcing companies tend to be very busy. BUT if you manage to find the right company for you and maximize the benefits, the way to success is guaranteed.

The main advantages of outsourcing compared to in-house teams: 

Outsourcing is budget-friendly.

Wondering why? Because it’s easier to have an outsourcing team working for you. This can guarantee you get the best results at a reasonable price.

With in-house staff, you will need a physical space to accommodate the workers. Plus, other things like insurance or medical benefits can really increase the cost. Contrariwise, you don’t have to pay outsourcing team for vacations, bonuses and other benefits.

With an outsourcing company you don’t have to invest in equipment, software or any other kind of materials and supplies. They will take care of everything, saving the business a lot of money.

The safest way to hire only highly trained and specialized professionals

To build your in-house team it takes a lot of time and energy – you have to find the best candidates for certain jobs. Going with the outsourcing is a faster option: you can acquire talent easier thanks to several web platforms with lots of teams offering their great services.

Plus, with outsourcing you can have access to specialized professionals from any country in the world – that’s also the case when you can take advantage of different markets (e.g. you can find highly specialized and very skilled workers in countries where the value of the currency you deal with is high).

Not to mention that in-house employees don’t always feel very well motivated to complete rapidly their tasks, while the outsourcing companies tend to keep their names clean and meet the deadlines in order to be taken into account for future projects.

Quality, quality, quality!

Always guaranteed with outsourcing, because it provides specialized skills and equipment that’s perfect to cover your needs!

No barriers to communication

You might think that growing an in-house team can be safer than outsourcing, because it looks like you have the full control over your team and the whole project (as you work in the same office), you know what your employees are working and you can react faster in case they meet any problems.

You don’t have to worry, because you can have all of these when you work with an outsourcing team, too. There are no barriers to communication and lately team work has already been addressed by tools like Slack, Jira etc. No more issues when working with a remote team.

Our conclusion

From our point of view, outsourcing can be a better choice when compared to hiring in-house talent. Keep in mind that it is the best solution if you want to start fast. At some point you can also build your in-house team.

But if you are at the beginning, the big plus is that if it fails you don’t have to fire anyone. On the other hand, if it succeeds – it will be much easier to build your in-house team. Just look at the bright side and go for it!

Start delivering quality software on time.