Outsourcing has gained much ground over the last few years and is expected to continue to evolve and gain popularity through various sectors. But among the most widely outsourced functions are those related to IT.

More and more businesses are looking for budget-friendly solutions to develop their software abroad. Recently, the main objective of various businesses has moved to quality over quantity, meaning that cutting costs is no longer the primary reason for consolidating activities.

Outsourcing allows for substantial cost savings, but it also means increased core business focus and resource efficiency, access to a world-class talent pool, and the list can continue.

The future of outsourcing will remain safe largely because of the multiple advantages that outsourcing provides to both the customer and the offshore contractor.

Romania – The Outsourcing Hotspot

Attractive prices, flexible, skilled and multilingual workforce

Romania is an IT outsourcing hotspot that draws customers from nearby European countries and the US. It provides a considerable workforce, with over 110.000 people working in the IT sector and high-quality, competitive prices. The culture, the education system and dedication to quality make outsourcing an appealing choice in Romania.

Apart from the availability of highly qualified software talent, other factors such as friendly time zones, ease of communication, accessible geographical location and, of course, cost advantages make Romania the perfect destination for IT outsourcing services.

Other key factors and strategic advantages that make outsourcing to Romania a great business decision are:

  • The growing economy and IT hubs – Technology strengthens Romania’s development. Local businessmen and engineers led initiatives to accelerate the growth of multiple IT hubs, mainly in Bucharest, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, and Iasi.
  • The educational system – Because the IT industry is one of Romania’s highest-paid sectors, more and more programs are being introduced each year that reinforce the collaboration between companies and universities. IT businesses are holding internships and seminars in schools and colleges as a means of recruiting top talent. This benefits both parties because students obtain first-hand know-how from IT professionals.
  • IT and Software talent – The existence of multinational high-tech companies like Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Google, Intel, and Amazon indicates that Romania is nothing but a secret treasure of outsourcing. It’s no wonder that at Microsoft offices, Romanian is the second most spoken language.

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Let’s conclude!

Thanks to its major tech hubs, massive talent pool, and reasonable prices, Romania has acquired a reputation as a great outsourcing destination.

Romanian programmers are qualified and experienced in a wide range of technologies, multilingual and open-minded.

If you want to collaborate with enthusiastic and competent people who are known for their creativity and ability to achieve great results, you are so lucky. You have reached your destination. 😊 Let s get in touch!

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