Romania is a member of the European Union since January 1, 2007. With 19 million citizens it has the seventh largest population among the EU member states and a dynamic and quickly developing IT industry. Located in the heart of Eastern Europe, Romania has grown into an ideal software development location for companies seeking highly technical and friendly workforce, a cost-effective business environment at a nearby location.
With the rising cost of hiring developers in many countries, outsourcing software development is more popular than ever. However, the places companies are outsourcing their work to is quickly changing, and Romania is becoming one of the top ones.

Reasons Companies Outsource

  • Reduce and control operating costs
  • Improve company focus
  • Gain access to world-class capabilities
  • Free internal resources for other purposes
  • Resources are not available internally
  • Accelerate re-engineering benefits
  • Make capital funds available
  • Share, reduce risk
  • Cash infusion

Top 5 reasons you should outsource to Romania

  1. Effective communication
    90% of Romanian programmers speak English fluently and are highly articulate. Many Romanian IT professionals also speak German and French. These skills make collaborative projects more prone to succeed and are critical as email and video conferencing are the primary means of communication.
  2. Technical Expertise
    The software developers in Romania are highly competent and experienced with various software methodologies (both traditional and Agile), technologies such as C, C++, .NET, Java, PHP, Javascript, NodeJs, Mobile and a great number of niche technologies.
  3. Cost savings
    The main benefit of outsourcing software development services is the potential cost savings. The impact on a company’s revenue recognition and the delivered savings are decisive when a company is choosing to outsource.
  4. Easy Access to Romania
    Romania is easy to reach with a 1-2 hour flight from London or Frankfurt. Several international airports can be found in Romania’s major cities (Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Sibiu) and Romania’s joining the European Union made travel fast and simple. This keeps transportation costs at low levels, affecting the profitability of the outsourcing services in the long-run.
  5. Romania’s Universities and IT hubs
    IT talents are cultivated in Romania’s top high schools that focus on mathematics and computer science. Romanian students perform at the highest levels in international Informatics and Math Olympiads and in 2012 Romania was ranked first in Europe and tenth in the world at the International Mathematical Olympiad.

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