The Coronavirus crisis which we still face today has a very serious impact on small and big companies in different countries and industries. The crisis has constrained businesses into a position where they needed to act promptly or keep on being exposed to huge financial consequences.

Many businesses are now looking for different approaches to address the difficulties while being aware of their customers and employees’needs.

The business impact of COVID-19 on global demand, especially for IT products and services, including outsourced software development, is maybe even more significant than the initial estimates.

The COVID-19 pandemic triggered the rise of the outsourcing industry in software development.

Let’s see what are the main reasons a company should opt for outsourcing and how this can be a successful solution even after the pandemic.

Lower costs

The pandemic has put significant economic pressure on companies, forcing them to implement extreme budget cuts that leave almost no room for discretionary spending. In the latest cases, employees had to be laid off to close down the departments. This shows that flexible and reliable business models are definitely needed.

Companies requiring reliable software development services have not bothered to consider outsourcing their services twice. Outsourcing offers stable resources because it’s relatively simple to hire remote developers.

Besides, hiring an in-house software developer or creating a different department is a considerable investment, and most companies don’t know if they can afford it in these financially difficult times.

More time for important decisions

Customers have very high expectations these days, which means that the companies need to spend a lot of time on ongoing maintenance and innovation, problem-solving, and customer relations.

This again is an area where outsourcing has been useful because by transferring these services to remote partners, business owners can free up their timetables. This way, they can then use their time to set up a strategy, find ways to cope with the crisis, or think about new and innovative ways of getting closer to their customers.

Quality solutions. Faster delivery

The COVID-19 crisis not only forced business owners to think about diverse, innovative solutions but also to implement them quicker than before. But that’s simply not realistic for most businesses.

You can, basically, not think of a concept, recruit staff, train it, then deliver the product in a very short period. Once more, this is an area where outsourcing has been very beneficial, because businesses have no longer had to waste any time on training employees, and they could go directly to development.

Also, then there’s the maintenance and quality management issue. Companies that already had an online shop before the pandemic, found out they had to incorporate innovative features or scale up the existing ones to satisfy the abrupt influx of visitors. This is accomplished relatively easily when outsourcing software services, and you don’t have to worry about dealing with that in-house.

Easier communication

Interacting with coworkers or business partners has never been easier, especially when you have many tools available, such as Jira, Slack, Skype, and many others.

Working with people thousands of miles away has never been easier. The key is to achieve organizational goals, then implement them consistently with the assistance of a great development team.

The future of outsourcing after the Covid-19 pandemic

Over the last several months, we have seen a remarkable development of remote work and digital access to services in all sectors. Probably, business representatives will experience several important hurdles during the initial recovery process of re-opening.

The crisis has led companies to pursue new methods in digital creation through the implementation of large-scale computer security and interactive applications, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data. While businesses are working to sustain remote workers, the pandemic has accelerated cloud usage.

In the next years, the rapid growth in software outsourcing will be inevitable, due to the following factors:

  • Recruitment drop
  • Lack of technology and expertise
  • Cash management challenges

Software outsourcing can minimize the impact of the crisis on the market

Although the financial implications of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to progress in the upcoming years, the software outsourcing market would have reshaped these difficulties effectively into opportunities.

There is no doubt that software outsourcing will minimize the impact of the crisis on the market. To succeed in this chaotic period, all you need is a reliable and professional partner that will help you develop innovative solutions that will keep you above the waterline.

Software development outsourcing is already a secure and reliable option that will offer a competitive advantage if handled correctly and with the right partner.

What’s obvious is that due to Covid-19, one of the biggest trends in the software development world will become even bigger. Even though the scenario was not the most fortunate, many companies found that outsourcing offers many advantages and said they intend to continue outsourcing post-pandemic. 

Start delivering quality software on time.